Space Cadets Committee

The Space Cadets were reconfigured into the Facilities Workgroup. The below information is no longer valid and is presented here for historical purposes only


Originally formed as a temporary task force to facilitate moving into the Haines Street location in 2013 , the Space Cadets were re-formed in 2016 to help decide the practicality of adding the Annex space to that same location (versus moving the enter 'Lab to somewhere else).

Once that task was done, the group proposed to the Board of Directors that they be given permanent status to facilitate space disposition. As Quelab grew larger, it would be necessary to have some controls in place1).

Group Membership

In their counter proposal, the Board decided the group would consist of the President, the Area Captains as listed on the Officers page, and up to three at-large members:

  • Current At-large members are:
    • Rebecca Snyder (member through May 2017)
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

Have an idea on Quelab space?

If you have a idea you would like to propose to the Space Cadets, please fill out this google form (draft mode, not yet official)

Meeting Minutes

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