Classes & Workshops

To see our list of currently scheduled offerings or to sign up for a class, please go to the Classes page on our WildApricot site.

Quelab holds a variety of classes and workshops. If you have expertise you want to share and are interested in teaching a class or workshop, please contact us at

Current offerings include:

  • New Member Orientations - these sessions are required for new members to acclimate them to the space, including how to close the building, so our tools & your projects don't disappear!

Requested Classes

These are classes that have been requested or that are in the works, but not all the details are worked out yet.

  • Inkscape - introduction to the open source, Adobe-Illustrator-like, graphics program Inkscape.
  • Intermediate Laser Cutting - get more in-depth with the Quelab laser cutter. This would be limited to Quelab members only, since the laser cutter is a member-only tool.
  • Intro to soldering class
  • Surface mount soldering class
  • basic wood-working skills
  • making picture frames
  • screen printing
  • Fabric arts
  • KiCAD
  • 3D printing class
  • glass work
  • intermediate Arduino project
  • ceramics

Past classes & workshops have included: