Basic Woodworking Class

Quelab's Basic Woodworking” is the course you will sign up for to start your journey into joy of doing woodworking. You will walk away with a basic understanding of theory of woodworking and hands-on practice in the use of all the common power tools.

Facilitators: Darrel Knutson and Gonner Menning (alternate instructors are to be assigned when needed).

Darrel Knutson: Darrel has over 60 years of experience crafting all sorts of woodworking projects. He has worked as a professional cabinet maker and designed and produce a wide variety of projects. His is a straight forward engineering approach to designing and making the desired end project.

Gonner Menning: Gonner is our wood shop manager and has over 50 years of personal and commercial woodworking experience. He has a more artistic approach to designing and producing the desired end project.

Guest facilitators: Other facilitators will be introduced to provide an overall well rounded experience for the student. All the facilitators have done wood working for many years and learned how to turn wood from scraps of lumber into function, aesthetically pleasing furniture or art objects. Along the way, they have learned the techniques necessary to work with tools in safe and easy ways that even the most basic beginner can understand and emulate.

Attendees: This course is open to everyone 14 yrs and older. Quelab Membership is not required to attend. Attendees under 18 must have a parent/guardian available at Quelab during class.

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