Facilities Workgroup

The Facilities Workgroup is the committee that deals with use of unallocated/uncaptained space within Quelab.


The Facilities Workgroup is a reconfiguration of the Space Cadets. It was changed at the request of the Officers' Corps, due to a number of factors: dislike of the 'fun' name “Space Cadets”, as well as lack of volunteers from the general membership to serve on the Space Cadets committee. The change was requested by the Officers' Corps in July of 2018, and approved by the Board of Directors.


Membership consists of:

  • Area Captains
  • The President
  • The Facilities Manager

Decisions & Decision Making

The Facilities Workgroup processes requests & decisions about spaces that are “uncaptained”, meaning they don't have an Area Captain. The volunteer Area Captains have domain over their area. Decisions between Area Captains can be handled by affected Area Captains. An example would be moving the border between the machine shop & wood shop. Those two Area Captains can consider, undertake, decide, and execute such a decision themselves. Though not necessary, involving (or at least, notifying ahead of time) the President and/or the rest of the Officers' Corps would be good form.

The Facilities Workgroup would handle decisions affecting a “captained” space and an “uncaptained” space. One example might be expanding 3D printing into the unused room next to it. The Facilities Workgroup would consider the request & (hopefully) approve it.

The Facilities Workgroup would also handle decisions affecting an “uncaptained” space, such as the request to change an “uncaptained” room's function.

The Workgroup's decisions might instead be recommendations if they have financial aspects. For example, a request comes in that the east attic should be turned into rentable storage. In such a case, the Facilities Workgroup would make a recommendation to the Board & the Board would make the decision. A good rule of thumb of Workgroup decision versus recommendation to the Board is: if it costs us money (over $100), or is likely to change the way we intake or spend money, it would then fall under the Board's yay or nay.

How decisions are made is the same as within other groups within Quelab. Decisions are made by 'consensus', wherein all voting members must agree or stand aside on the decision. This is per the by-laws, and is not easily changeable.

Meeting Minutes