Space Cadets Meeting

Date: 26 February 2017

Time: 6:00 pm Meeting start (After Officer’s Meeting @ 5:00 p.m.)


Old Business

  • Space Cadets’ wiki page (JT)
  • Ham Shack Proposal (Morgan via Bandit)

New Business

  • East Attic (Batcave, hallway & poop deck)


Attending: Darren, Drew, John Bandit, Eric, Charel, Ray, Rebecca, Gonner, Aaron, Bandit, Adric, Eric, Charel, Ray, Celeste, JT, Steve

Old Business

  • Ham Shack Proposal (Morgan via Bandit)
    • 3 possible locations : Mission Control, Back of Electronics, Darren has identified cubicles at auction, maybe put one in room 49 for a location of the ham shack?
      • Requirements
        • Power conditioned 110V
        • Enough space for a PC, the radio, some desk space, some shelves, maybe two desks worth of space?
        • Slight Sound proofing needed.
        • Tower or some way to mount an antenna
      • Q. on if we need to get landlord permission or not to mount an antenna?
        • The shorter the run for an antenna the better, nearer proximity to corner of the building
      • Probably used 2-3 times a month?
      • MissionControl (when it had a working PC) was very good use as an office space, but we think it could serve both purposes
      • Suggested to go forth with dual purpose of the room 11 (formerly mission control)
  • Side discussion: both couches could use a cleaning
  • Space Cadets’ wiki page (JT) - not discussed at this meeting

New Business

  • East Attic (Batcave, hallway, poop deck)
    • Square footage not included in the lease, not occupiable
    • It need to not “look” occupied for the occupancy permit & the fire marshal
    • Only one fire egress, also a problem
    • Short answer: can only be used for storage or for nothing
    • Should members be allowed to store there?
    • Should we charge for storage there?
    • Should we propose to the board to use that space as official storage space, and in what fashion? Allocation to each member, how much, rental storage space?
    • Storage room #7 (Ray)
      • HP5500PS large printer - Print heads - some have come in, still waiting on some
      • Vinyl Cutter rebuild
      • Storage of these machines
      • Empty room #7 of computer stuff & monitors, etc. & store these items in there
      • Some discussion took place on use of room #7
      • Proposed Move computer stuff from 7 to 5, and move room 11 to 7 & room 7 to 11


  • Proposal: Ham Shack in room 11 with dual purpose, keeping the office use of that room, and run a line to the roof for an antenna
    • (8) yes, (1) abstain, (0) no - Proposal passed
  • Couch Cleaning: Charel & JT both have some equipment that may help with cleaning these items
  • Proposal: send direct email to Bandit with “Space Cadets” in the subject line your wish list & suggestions for possible use of storage in the east attic. Bandit to send email to the space cadets list soliciting input
  • Proposal (Aaron):
    • Make Room 11 the print room with Vinyl Cutter & Large Format printer
    • Make room 7 the Ham Shack/Officespace
    • As necessary relocate storage items from 7 into a new home
    • Gonner 2nd’d
    • (9) yes (0) no - Passed unanimously

JT to send minutes to SpaceCadets list, and eventually a summary report to the members

Next Meeting scheduled for last Sunday in March, Sunday the 26th @ 6 p.m.