Space Cadets Meeting Minutes 100316

Attending: Drew, Celeste, Bandit, Darren, Adric, Rebecca, JT

The Board’s response to the SC proposal was discussed - adding all area captains to the group, three voting members

Point to discuss: Area Captains control their area, and need to be involved with & have final say with regards to their area

The Area Captain of the Arcade has spoken that the love seat in the Arcade should come out.

Adric’s point of the meeting: Main agenda item: Establish whether we can follow the Board’s response from April 29, 2016 Three voting members Area Captains as members What else? Can those area captains not interested in being active on the Space Cadets be allowed to ‘opt out’ in some fashion? That would help with the voting requirements

Q. - Are the Area Captains & the Facilities Manager on the SC mailing list? Adric will check the configuration of the list.

Adric trimmed the Space Cadets Mailing list to only those that responded to his inquiry about staying a member of the Space Cadets; those people are the current subscribers

Current list of Area Captains 3-D Printing: position currently vacant Arcade - Troy Ross Assets: Darren Moody Electronics Lab: Aaron Birenboim Facilities: John Murray Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker Laser: Jonny Romero Metal Shop: Eric Lee Welding: John Murray Woodshop: Gonner Menning

These people responded to Adric’s request of who wanted to be involved Charel Aaron Adric Celeste Ben Cole Drew JT Darren Rebecca Eternity (ET) Sherie Gonner

Some discussion took place on the ByLaws on how consensus works & the quorum requirement works

“Opt Out’- can it be permanent or one time? How to handle for voting requirements? Adric proposal - Area captains being allowed a permanent opt out of voting for Space Cadets. And must opt in via email to the list prior to call to vote, for reasons for quorum.

Can we meet the requirements for quorum?

All Area Captains are Officers, but not all Officers are not Area Captains

Volunteers - Rebecca, Bandit, & Drew volunteered to be members at large.

Bandit has volunteered

It was suggested that the President be allowed a vote on the committee & was passed unanimously

Was there any concern about two family members on the group? There was no dissent on the matter.

Proposed to meet quarterly, unless there are other higher priority items.

Current Items we know of - John Anthes’ question on moving the CNC to the Annex Sherie asking about moving ceramics into the Annex by the sink Sherie - moving Fiber arts into One, 3D print into Dragon’s Weir


Adric will check the configuration of the SC Mailing list & see if the Area Captains & the Facilities Manager are on the mailing list Add Gonner Add Bandit Celeste to notify the area captains & the Facilities Manager about the Board’s decision to add them as members of the Space Cadets Proposals A permanent opt out (for voting purposes) for Area Captains, until they notify us otherwise, for either a specific vote or in general (for purposes of quorum) For voting, if votes go to online (email), some time limit be set, but a response is required from all voting members, no assumption that a lack of response equals a response. They must notify them & get a response We have our three members at large - Drew Bernard, Rebecca Snyder, & Bandit Gangwere. Bandit has volunteered to be the leader of the committee & it was passed by those present It was proposed that the position of Quelab president be considered an Area Captain (“The Captain of us all”) & be allowed a vote on this Committee - voted on & passed unanimously

Next meeting not decided up on yet, since we need to get a response from Sherie, since we will be addressing her request. Darren also asked to talk at the next meeting, too.

Meeting Adjourned - 8:31 p.m.