Space Cadets Meeting Minutes 06/05/2016

We opened the meeting by narrowing down the size of the committee and attempting to establish a status for all people involved. That is every member is either an at-large voting member, a permanent voting member, or a non-voting member. This is to satisfy the board of directors requirement that there be only 3 at-large voting members, the facilities manager, and the area captains involved.

We discussed two similar proposals for the Annex office space.

Drew Bernard's proposal was to move the library to the Annex office space.

Sherie's proposal was to turn the Annex office space into an education center where tubs of Quelab educational material can be stored and easily retrieved.

We decided to combine the two ideas and move the library to the Annex office space while also making room for tubs of educational material. We also envisioned tables, and computers in the space to facilitate learning. Governance of this space will be maintained by the the Space Cadets committee.

The proposal was not formalized as we are still reorganizing and a quorum will be needed to approve the proposal and submit it to the board.

A few items that were discussed was the status of our revised proposal on the Annex space before the board, Troy becoming the Area Captain for Flynn's Arcade, and an agreement that the Space Cadets should reach consensus before submitting anything to the board.

Following this a long discussion ensued due to a comment from Bandit that it may be a good idea to put a door between the Core and the Annex directly to use the fume-hood (either for the paint booth currently in the metals shop or for a chemical room) in the space between the tool room and the Annex. There were discussions on other places with ventilation (Hyperspace, and the Dark Room).

Nothing was formally agreed upon with relation to the ventilation issues.