Space Cadets Meeting 3-20-16

Though Geoff couldn't make the meeting, he prepped an information sheet listing rents & other costs, as was requested by Darren & others. We want to thank him for prepping that sheet, especially considering he missed the meeting because he was sick.

- One early consideration was renting alternate space within Quelab, such as Flynn's Arcade or Mission Control - Three types of rentals were discussed: - A room - Storage Space (nook/cranny) - Bench or table Some liked the idea of a stationary bench, while others like the idea of a mobile bench The following people have expressed interest in renting space at Quelab: - Alice, for 1,000 sq. ft - Aaron B., for a workbench - Ben Cole, for ~30 sq. ft - Josh P., for ~20 sq. ft - Darrel, for ~20 sq. ft - Aryon Hopkins, for display space (room 1 There was agreement on: - There would be different rental rates, open storage vs. a room - Large amount of space may net a lower rate per sq. ft (Aaron B. suggested different rates for different places, upstairs storage $1/sq ft, first floor $2/sq ft) - It was suggested to charge $1.50/sq. ft for an approximate charge of $45 for $45/month charge. At first we had 30 sq. ft (thus $45 a month) then Darrel/Aaron came up with a finer calculation of a 4 x 6.5 ft space (for the fixed benches). That came out to 27 sq. ft (except that should have been 26 sq. ft) at 40.5$ ( 26* 1.5 = 39 respectively) - Rental rate for the Annex office at roughly $1.82/sq. ft (assuming ~220sq ft) for a charge of $400/month Gmail - Minutes from last meeting… 1 of 7 9/11/2016 9:02 AM - It was recommended to rent 1,000 sq. ft to Alice for a total of $700 a month, her lease to run through November (the end of the current Quelab lease). Further it was proposed that it would include the Annex “hallway” & the North wall (to have the minimum impact) since she would be renting a third of the space. Alice found these suggestions favorable. - JT asked if we are obliged with the requirement to make back the additional rent of the annex via rentals within the space? - Darrel will send an email to the Members' list asking if anyone is interested in renting space or a bench? Details on Bench rental suggestions: - a mobile bench would be cheaper than a stationary bench - A fixed bench rental would be the square footage of the bench as well as 4.5 feet back or so out from the bench to allow for the person renting it - A mobile bench would be pulled out from its 'parking spot' and be returned there at the end of the day and thus a mobile bench space is only charged per sq. ft of the bench itself. -A discussion on who would manage the rental space assuming this was approved by the board. A rental officer was suggested (although the treasurer would be paid directly still). Other Topics (briefly) discussed, probably to be brought up in the next meeting: - The door in room 1 and whether it should be locked or have a breaker bar, to make it a valid exit for the building? - While the fermentation fridge is okay on the east wall, and brewing storage there somewhere as well, the actual brewing cannot take place there, as there is a need for proper ventilation. It was suggested to use the “Hood Room”, since it has that awesome vent hood. - Geoff's suggestion of Silk screening also on that east wall was mentioned. At this point in the meeting I am not sure how much agreement there was (most people wanted to leave), but I think we agreed that that usable, non-donation gear would go on the East Wall. At the moment that is beer equipment and the Silk Screening equipment. - The donation zone - once purged & cleaned out - could be relocated to the west wall & the north wall (outside the Annex office) (For the Alice Rental to occur this would need to happen - Darren suggested having a shelf unit in room 42, as the “up for grabs” shelf, for donations that have been cleared by the Donations officer & okayed for any member that wants them. It was posited that the 3D printing room is insufficient and could be moved to the Annex office, or expanded (perhaps combined with Mission Control by taking out a wall?) It was also agreed that the entry room (Room 42) could use sprucing up. Gonner's friend & fellow Quelab member Felicia is interested in doing so. APPENDIX Here is the info we were going off of: Summary of Calculations Considered Current area: 6590 sq. ft Annex area: 2986 sq. ft Total area: 9576 sq. ft Current Monthly rent: $2080 Monthly rent till October 31: $2848 Monthly rent as of November 1: $2314 Monthly rent total by November 1, 2018: $2454