Reimbursement Procedure

To recieve reimbursement for expenditures on behalf of quelab, there is a form to fill out to both keep the Treasurer's paperwork managed, but also to track transactions for the space. The form has been printed on #10 envelopes, and are stored in a folder on the wall in the office. If you are buying something for the space, please fill out the form, and put your documentation into the envelope, and then put the whole thing into the blue basket on the desk. Pending approval, the treasurer will write up checks and get them sent out on their office hours

If you would like to email the receipts instead of printing them out, please provide the treasurer with: What you are buying for Which room, and How Much you want reimbursed. If members buy something for the space unbidden, and want to be reimbursed, they will need to first ensure that the room needs whatever they have bought (There's a space on the form for area captain initials).

Regardless of who buys the goods, unless there is an already-specified budget for the item, you will need Presidential Authorization for anything under $100, and you will need Director Authorization for anything over $100. The form will need to be submitted to the treasurer in either case.

Finally, if you have purchased something for the space and would like simply to donate it (rather than getting reimbursed), the treasurer will still need to know who (with a mailing address) and how much; use the same reimbursement form, and just indicate it's a donation.