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Adric Manning

The President of Quelab is the CEO for the organization, and is the head of the Officer Corps. They're the de facto point of contact for external organizations, and the legal representative of the company for the purposes of signing contracts, agreements, and the like. They are required to present a formal report to the Board of Directors at a minimum of quarterly (at the regularly-scheduled meetings) and are responsible for getting a facilitator to run the general meetings. As there is a separate Board Chair, the president will only need run the Director's Meetings in their absence.

The term of the President is one year, and is appointed by the Directors with advice from the members and existing officer corps.

Additionally, the president has been tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Conduct duties of the office of the President as defined in the Quelab Bylaws (included below)
  • Track and manage the monthly General Business meetings
  • Coordinate and organize the officers group (lead, plan, initiate, supervise, etc)
  • Engage with members and officers to solicit topics for general meeting agendas
  • Verify that each GoogleVoice Message is answered/returned
  • Provide a single point of Interface with external groups for partnerships/agreements
  • Resolve, or mediate the resolution of, member disputes.
  • All the rest of the work that everyone has been ignoring: delegate or do

Article 5: Section 6. Duties of President