Using the information collected from the prior year, the Treasurer shall draw up a budget for presentation to the Board of Directors at their January/Feburary meeting. This budget should estimate both revenue and expenses for the coming year, with a side-by-side comparison of the prior year's activities. Expenses which are covered by sections approved on this budget can be disbursed without authorization from the Board of Directors or President, otherwise the reimbursement process will need to be followed.

Budget Sections

In general, the budget should call out major sources of revenue (in the past, this has included membership dues and workshops) and major sources of expenses (utilities, building lease, maintenance, insurance). The revenue forecasts should be within the realm of possibility and should not rely on donations to make up the shortfall. This budget will be voted upon by the Board of Directors, and will be the guiding document to set general strategic goals over the coming year. The performance of the organization as compared to this budget should feature heavily in the annual report for the prior year presented at the same meeting.