Board Meeting Agenda Much of this we wont get in the hour available

  • expand the board
  • Welcome new Invitees
  • Decide Total Number
  • Discuss Roles Required
  • requirements to be on the board.
  • membership
  • Duties/Responsibilities, consequences
    • Process for how to change when needed.
  • define/adopt the bylaws,
  • decision making/proccess
    • vote vs consensus
    • define quorum vs total definition
  • define the mission statement
  • prepare for non profit
  • inventory of physical, fiscal, and online assets, (what is where and why)
  • start preparing project plans(start the big stuff)

Meeting notes: Gabe, Adric, Walter, Ray, Bandit, and Greg, in attendance: 5:16pm (Geoff at 5:30)

Volunteering to the board: Optimal number of members 7, we have 6 regulars (all in attendance), one open floating seat Decision making: vote model, any member can call for consensus meeting, vote via voice or inperson

Requirements: paid membership, dismissial is ok after 3 missed meetings, hearing and then a board vote minus 1, for members?

Geoff arrives at 5:30

Req: continued, Evaluations are sent to the board,

Quorum=Simple Majority (currently4)

School Factory proposal: announced, disolve llc, new llc with school factory fiscal sponsorship, concerns how to disolve old

  • one option to keep old llc for possible profit use, and form new nonprofit as “quelab”

Gabe: we need to dissolve transfer assets

previous discussions had some concerns about their lack of communications: we need to be upfront with how we will expect communications, perhaps a charter of regularly scheduled meetings. Critical communications may be sent multiple paths and a certified letter, we agree we can decide on a fixed path.

Consensus was met for the nonprofit fiscal sponsorship to school factory.

inventory list we need to keep a hard copy onhand (locker/notebook)

Board structure: president vice, Treasurer, Secretary, Gabe President Adric Secretary: Geoff: treasurer & membership tracking Vice: Walter

Full Consensus

Board:How long? one year, until changed by membership: Full Consensus

(Side discussion about transparency, internal/external: transparent by request and to members, but not nessisararly to the world. “Open by request:” posted in house, And by request to treasurer.

Consensus: Full consnsus,

Board members can prioritise (set or block) agenda options:

Meeting ended: 6:18