Stuff in [italic] is a note from the meeting, also a notes section at the bottom!

Agenda outline,

  • Welcome new members [was skipped by Gabe for the Status and funding report, happened at the end of the meeting.]
  • Status report
  • Funding Funding Funding
  • Hacknights, thoughts/comments? [going to a $5 donation, to help keep this afloat. Talk to Gabe or the Head Honcho of that hacknight if that not possible.]
  • Volunteering! Suggest on the list, and if nobody hates it, Do it! ask for help if needed! [elected Gabe Head honcho, still the above policy is good to give him a yes/no choice]
    • Advertising / Marketing
      • How to find the right niche? [focus on just hacker space for now, coworking can trickle in from the hacking]
      • What to push? (speciality nights,targeted groups)

Events! [pumpkin carving on event oct-29. Also lets do the geekfest swapmeet (when?)!]

  • Fliers (where, and what, and who). [Walter will do some marketing, as will Mark, see below for Tzars]
  • See Volunteering!
  • Branding, Not sure on the whole story, but looks like may still be shopping for a logo. [Brought up but no resolution]
  • Under utilizing the resource! [Need to make up $500 shortfall, to be in the red. keeping some discounts, but continued work getting out the word, send Walter your ideas or offers to help!]
  • Cleaning What level of tidy do we want? who's helping?
  • Anyone do anything worth noting/thanking?
  • Still looking for an accountant type person.. L3C? [Brought up, but not resolved]
    • would require us to define our social value.


  • Financials see photo, we need to bring in $500 more per month.
  • Marketing Mark got the floor after Gabe Spoke
  • How to use what we have to get above the line. raise membership rates? we need new pipelines. events, show value,
  • Who do we want to hit? how to hit them. how to do all with what we have!
  • As for volunteering/voluntolding. tzar positions are as follows.
    • Directing Tzar Gabe!
    • Maintenance Tzar Geoff, (some basic stuff sodas trash)
    • Marketing Tzar, Walter (website, some flyer production,


  • Financial Tzar, Mark Will be consulting Gabe on this for now
  • Workspace Tzar Adric,

All of the above people are the go to guys, or the guy to offer help, we all support some autonomy, but duplicated efforts might be wasted so checkin from time to time.

Advisor's, Mark will be advising,

Pricing restructure,

  • Premier member : $200mo
    • Full access, can reserve space and tools and such within reason
  • General member : $100
    • Full access
  • Per day :$10 general full use.
    • Full Use, just on an as needed basis.
  • Hacknights $5 (some for whomever volunteers to run the night to help promote the night)

25% discount for full students? (was that decided?) All Discounted 50% for now.(until January?)

  • A possible re-layout of the place, To accommodate for the new situation with the front leased!
  • Regular meetings: Last Sundays 6pm. evenings before hacknights.

12 people were in attendance.