Shop Sabre Sidekick 12

In early 2021, Ideum Inc. in Corrales contacted us to see if we were interested in their Shop Sabre CNC Router. They were about to replace it and offered it to Quelab as a donation!

Delivery & Setup at Quelab

At over 3000lbs the question was how to move it from Ideum to Quelab across town and do this in a safe manner. Fortunately, one of our members Darren Moody stepped up with a donation to hire a professional rigging crew to move and install the machine at Quelab.

Once at Quelab, member Ray Finch took over the reins to install warning lights, more emergency stop buttons, and other items to make the machine safer and easier to use. Ray researched the details of how the machine works and brought it to the point where our members can use the machine. He is now our subject matter expert on the machine.

While the Shop Sabre CNC Router is one of the most complicated red level tools in the Quelab arsenal, it is also one of the most useful and versatile. Despite this, it is not difficult to use once trained. To be trained and certified on the CNC Router, please send an email to