The Digital Arts Lab has opened!

We have a DesignJet printer, an ArtSign vinyl cutter and a Silhouette Portrait cutter.

Due to size, the DesignJet and ArtSign cutter are more or less permanent in their placement. However, the Silhouette cutter is mobile and lives in the small black pelican case.

As usual, the rules are basic:

  • You need to be trained on the tools before you can use them
  • Pay for your materials (see the price list)
  • Test your prints first! Bond paper is free so long as it isn't abused!
  • Media for the DesignJet printer needs to be compatible with HP ink and dye. It won't dry otherwise.
  • Experiment; Outlandish ideas should be passed by the lab officer!

Materials we need

  • Media for the DesignJet.
  • Vinyl for people to play with