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Theory of operation

The DesignJet comes up to Windows (and other printing systems) as a fairly standard printer. One computer is kept configured in the printing lab for simplicity, however there's nothing keeping you from figuring out how to add it yourself.

Material is kept on a roll below the printer. Media is then fed into the machine. In most every other aspect, it's a fairly standard inkjet printer – just like the ones you find in big box retailers.


The best options depend on what you're starting with.

  • I'm starting with a raster graphic (JPEG, PNG, etc): you should consider IrfanView.
  • I'm starting with an SVG, DXF: Try Inkscape
  • I'm starting with a PDF: Use Acrobat
  • I'm doing things that involve the ArtSign cutter: VinylMaster has you covered.

Media and materials

Learned tips and tricks