Project Tags

(aka Parking Permits)

Green - Parking Permit
Purple - Project Invitation
Orange - Up for Grabs
Pink - Borked or Broken
Red - Parking Ticket (violation)


Parking Permit (authorization)

The green Parking Permits were instigated so we could keep track of who's got stuff where in the lab. It was both directed towards a need to reduce the clutter in the lab, and also to be able to tell someone when we moved their things when they were away.

Please legibly print your name and contact information on the permit, and affix it to your project or bin when you store it away. Additionally, please fill in (at least) the date so we know how long the thing has been here.

We're starting to see lots of green tags around the space (which is good!). However, we're also starting to see tags being used simply as a means for temporary storage (which is bad).

  • Active projects: Green Tags are to be attached to something you're actively working on. If it gets to 90% and you're not going to finish it and you're just continuing tagging it in order to try and guilt yourself into finishing it, that's an improper use of the tagging system. It's for active projects only, it's not for ancillary storage from your house.
  • Don't take up more than your fair share of the space. Make sure the space is usable for other members. (IE - don't tag too many things, don't leave something that can't be used on a general work bench blocking other people's use of that work bench, etc.)


Project Invitation

The Project Invitation tag is used by members wishing to collaborate with other members on said project. The intent for this tag is to communicate your desire to get information, material or assistance with an ongoing project from other members. Please fill out a brief description of the intended or ongoing project, a place to include what is being sought, your name and contact information, and a series of check boxes to indicate whether interested parties should contact the project initiator before taking any action on the project.


Borked or Broken

The Borked or Brokentag is used to denote broken tools. It doesn't matter if you broke it or not, if it won't go, please don't force it. Mark the tool and let the Area Captain know, and they will address repairs to the tool. If you find a tool marked as borked, please do not attempt to use it, or repair it without contacting the officer, area captain or steward responsible for the area.


Up for Grabs

This tag is used for donations, and also to replace the 'hack this' box. We ask that donations be provided as useful additions to projects or to the space as a whole. In the event that no one claims your donation in two weeks, we'll contact you to arrange returning it, or recycling/disposing of the donation. Our Donations Steward will review the item, and judge it against our Donation Policy.

We respectfully ask that you don't just empty your garage into ours (like twenty CRT Monitors) if you don't know people have a use for the donations. However, we reserve the right to reject a donation if we have no desire or need for the item. Generally, we will take materials away to be recycled for scrap if the items cannot be resold for more money.


Parking Violation

If something has been red-tagged, it was probably stored improperly, or is unidentified property. We don't want to throw away people's projects, so a red-tag needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If we don't get a red-tag resolved within two weeks, it will be considered abandoned property and Up for Grabs

If you're missing something, check the penalty box to see if we put it in there with a red-tag on it. Alternately, check the bulletin board to see if there are any red-tagged items we stored securely (like forgotten laptops/cameras/bags).