Bench Rental

Currently, there are (8) white benches for rent in the Annex, though the Board has approved rental of other areas within & outside of the Annex. The white rental benches are $22.50 monthly added to your dues, or $225 added to an annual membership (the annual charge is discounted in the same way an annual membership is discounted).

Here is a map of the rental benches & who has rented them:

← North
Bench 1
Bob P.
Bench 3
Robert A.
Bench 5
Michael H
Bench 7
Rebecca S.
Bench 2
Wily A.
Bench 4
Dan F.
Bench 6
Linda T.
Bench 8
Rebecca S.

When you rent a bench, you are allowed to store things on the bench itself, or underneath it. You also share a small shelf above the bench with your bench-mate on the other side. Storing items anywhere else, such as next to or in front of your bench is not allowed, and will result in a red ticket. If not dealt with, your improperly stored items could be considered donations to the 'space.

To get on the waiting list for bench rental, please send your email inquiry to