July Officers’ Corps Meeting


Agenda Items:

  • Membership Process (Orientation)
  • MakerFaire
  • Safety
  • Sweat Equity for membership
  • One time?
  • Specialty Work
  • Reimbursement of expenses
  • Quelab & how it’s spelled


Attending: Celeste, Sherie, Darren, Sara, Aaron, Adric, Gonner, Eric, John M., J.T., Chris, Rebecca

Absent: JonnyRo, Ben, Darrel

Shout Out to everyone for coming in for a meeting


  • Sherie & Sara
    • Their outline was shared via email
    • She based it on part of what’s on the wiki (need URL)
    • She’s unhappy with the moodle powerpoint, she has made her own powerpoint
    • All steps need to be taken, such as waiver, get info from them, get payment, go through an orientation
  • Celeste proposed we may want to open orientations up to additional people besides Officers.; certified, ideally sentiment was to not do so initially
  • Sara suggested two people do an orientation (for safety purposes)
  • JT suggested scheduling tours at fixed times
  • Sherie wants to schedule the orientation (6:00 p.m.); it was suggested to move it to 6:30 (avoid traffic). How often?
  • Celeste suggested Tuesdays & Sundays 2nd & 4th weeks of the month for orientation
  • It was suggested 2nd Sunday & 2nd Tuesday
  • Then 2nd Sunday & 4th Sunday to do orientations @ 6:30 p.m.; decided; a vote was taken & it was agreed on.
  • Sherie suggested last thing on a tour take them to the website, show them how to join, and the calendar to see all the cool stuff we do
  • Per Geoff’s policy, anyone taking an orientation MUST have filled out the google form
  • Geoff’s process & Sara & Sheries’ Orientation outline will be put somewhere we can access the - the wiki and/or the google drive


  • Celeste would like see something from each area
  • Eric will bring lightsabers (as will some other builders) & a whiteboard for the metal area
  • Darren to do TakeAPart
  • Rebecca would like to repeat last year, and take pictures for much of it
  • Manual wood lathe
  • 9 Pins
  • X-Carve
  • Adric hopes to bring a photobooth
  • 3D printers
    • TABLES
      • 1 for mini lathe
      • 2 or 3 for sabers
      • 2 for 3d printers
      • 1 for membership & propaganda
      • 1 for the X-Carve
      • 1 for the Silhouette vinyl cutter
      • 6 for Take-Apart
  • We need to put it out to the MEMBERS list to solicit anyone that wants to exhibit
  • We need to put it out to the MEMBERS list to solicit volunteers to help
  • We need to put it out to the MEMBERS list to solicit consumer electronics for TakeApart
  • We need water, gatorade, ice, coolers
  • Celeste needs a Quelab tee before MMF


  • We received three gaylords of plastic
  • Adric has tested - the clear is acrylic, not sure about the white
  • Best test is to light a corner on fire - polycarb will self extinguish and smell rather bad, while acrylic will kind of burn, and smolder, with a kind of crumbly, ashy edge to it, and is more brittle
  • Sherie offered to send a note to a science list to see if any teachers that have laser cutters that could use it.
  • Consensus was to recommend people test it before using it in the laser cutter, and people can have at it


  • John Murray wanted to talk about work for membership; he & Drew have put in over 30 hours each for their electronic upgrade in the welding area
  • Celeste: each officer should be able to suggest comping a membership for work performed
  • Adric: it would be nice to plan that out ahead of time - if you have a large job coming, be able to talk about it ahead of time.
  • Geoff stepped in to listen to the proposal
  • Geoff: if it’s more than $100, it’s the purview of the president, more than $100 would go to the Board
  • Gonner: it should be up to the officer to decide if someone has done enough quelab-related work
  • Celeste: suggested to comp a month at a time.
  • John: suggested the officer send a memo to the president

  • Sherie asked about a lead for the Space Cadets
  • Sherie told us how Make:Santa Fe does it - they have a tier of membership for being allowed storage
    • ACTION ITEM: someone to send out a note to the SpaceCadets list to solicit someone to lead the group
  • It was suggested the rental captain get space for free
  • Rebecca volunteered to be the Rental Officer; the “Space Keeper”. Celeste will make the recommendation to the Board (A straw poll of the three board members was positive)
  • Gonner: as head of an area, you have to give them the authority
  • John: could it be codified that being an officer gets you a table’s worth of storage space
  • A poll was taken that everyone approved of this idea
  • Gonner: His photo members board thing, talk to him to get your picture taken
  • Quelab’s birthday was yesterday, six years
  • John: asked if he could be the welding officer & take care of the welding area. Celeste will recommend his taking that position to the Board


  • No space in the middle,
  • No “S” at the end
  • In written docs, initial capital, lowercase - “Quelab”


  • In the orientation stuff, our tool policy is missing - ownership is all over the place - privately owned, donated, on loan to the space
  • We need to work on gathering area’s inventories
  • Discussion took place on labeling stuff, difficulties & how to do it…
  • Suggestion to post a large sign in the metal shop that most stuff is Eric’s, and the label the half a dozen or so things that are not his.


  • Reiteration of policy: if less than $100, it can go to Celeste
  • Geoff showed the receipt & reimbursement envelope, he can take them electronically, but he would still like the envelope done
  • John told us that NRL gave us some tables, and he wants to send a thank you note. Geoff will send his letterhead word doc


  • Next meeting, middle of September
  • 7 p.m. was suggested
  • Everyone needs to decide what day
  • Adric suggested the 3rd wednesday or the 2nd week
  • It was decided September the 14th, @ 7:30 p.m.


  • Celeste recommend Rebecca as space keeper
  • Celeste recommend John Murray as welding officer
  • Celeste to send to the members’ list seeking exhibitors in the Quelab MMF tent
  • Celeste to send to the Members’ list seeking volunteers to help with MMF - loadin, loadout, work the tent
  • Geoff to send to John his word doc letterhead document
  • Officers to decide when we next want to meet