• Last meeting recap - 07-31-2011
  • Updates from the board.
    • board changes
    • 501c3
    • plans
  • October event?
  • funding/members
  • work party
    • shelving building
    • crap sorting
  • Yardsale



in attendance 9

Contact us page needs the board members listed:

Need to do the indigo asap, tuesday

Board Game night September 8th, 6:30

Linux Night Tuesday 13

October Events: Haunted lab?

  • cons
    • liability
  • pros money

Halloween: craft making hacknights:

  • hydrolic or compressed air popup

last weekend Oct29/30 sat/sun before halloween)hanuted hackarspace

lots of hack/craft classes much more on the board that i will try and transcribe in a meaningful way.

Whiteboard transcription here Main.HauntedLab

meeting rat-holed with all sorts of talk on the haunted lab, and was unable to drag it back for the work/cleanup/yardsale/shelf building. it will go on next month's and possibly discuss it over email.