Meeting Agenda:

This meeting i expect will be a bit of chaos due to the bbq and all, but things we would like to go over are as follows,

  • Status of Indiegogo
    • perks
  • Crowd fund this
  • Linux night recap
  • privacy class.
  • Recent Air and Space event Recap
  • Memberships?
  • SpaceFederation/SchoolFactory news
    • Decision on if we want to partner with them
      • Pros?
      • Cons?
  • Next Event ideas:?
  • space organizing and cleanup
  • bigger projects? anyone want to dip their toe in?

Meeting notes: 18 in attendance. not all members. but mostly.

Bags are set, and shirts we will need to order/print (blue, or black option), perhaps a full printing party. Need to see Geoff will be about.

crowd fund this: see if we can get flyers, Rebecca is interested in spreading the word

linux night was good, lets do it again.(September) game night too! Walter and Geoff

  • Ignite 15th,
  • privacy event, tue 23rd -gabe
  • steampunk stuff sat 20th Workshop event, “Steam punkit up” 20th, link on bubonicon, first. look at fire mountain gems -adric

Bubonicon, frito pie (sat 6-8pm) for con suite, hannah contact info to us. Need more fliers there(flier table). (bookmark's as flyers)-

Memberships 15! still need more to sustain, but its helping

Air and space appeared to be a big hit with attendees, higher than ever member attendance, Instructible about balloon launch here and photos

Space Federation/School Factory. State level nonprofit, then sf umbrella.

SchoolFactory, Check with other folks in the group, Greg can help, any folks broken ties or just moved away from it. Wiki discussion area, and gabe will mail out contract, lets visit this in one week,

Event ideas.

  • Events to teach teachers
  • Visual/video/photo
  • haunted lab october

We agree we want to cleanup. lets schedule let members know then pile and pick and recycle! need someone incharge!