August Meeting Agenda:

NOTE:All meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date:05 August 2012
Time:4:30-6:00 p.m. MT


Ground Rules

Ice Breaker

Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • School Factory Conference Call (Greg)
  • hack-a-day visit and video (Walter/Adric)
  • Task Forces
    • Sponsored Membership contest (Adric)
    • ABQ Maker Faire (Charel)
    • Lab Canteen (Ray)
  • Space Balloon project (Greg)
  • [new]Calendar review (Addie/Walter)?

Old business:

  • Board membership discussion, (including presidential duties)
  • Membership communication methods
  • Review of strategic planning priorities: 11-6-2011-Strategic planning
  • monthly event themes

New Business

  • Membership Structure discussion
    • Adjusting Membership Fees for Online Processing
    • “Friends Of” punch card idea
    • Liability Waiver Database
  • Monthly Events Discussion - classes/workshops vs “show-tell” events
  • Membership project: Quelab Signage


Opening meeting, 4:48, ray, charel, greg, dakota, aaron, adric, geoff, john, alfred, terri, craig, in attendance (walter and bandit expected sometime.

Ground rules were read.

ice breaker, (name, Describe what you would make a sign for quelab), metal sign, roughed out wood, and tools, hack this stuff, interactive sign/art sign, neon and elwire, Zia Q based sign with crossed bones.

(walter and addie arrived about 4:55).

Old business, Treasurer report, 21/22members, in the black, but a little in the red for insurance payments. (could take a year to pay back, or if anyone wants to donate to help it would be welcome

School Factory conference call, Greg, What do spaces want out of fiscal sponsorship/group exemptions.

Hackaday Caleb Kraft visit was great. he says we need to post more!

Mini makerfaire. another presenter Collective of NM etsy folks, Tech booth #2 (38'x70') will be Quelab. setup sat afternoon, there will be security. Intel came forward with $2500 for supplies. (need to talk to charel in a week or so about other groups that may be in the same tech tent. Thursday maker faire planning meetings. 6:30-8:30 at quelab

lab canteen, project is on hiatus, aaron, will look into making a starter honor system drawer, need procedures for adding/removing and a log book, greg wants to discuss more,

Balloon project, ran out of helium, looking at possible use of hydrogen, next launch probably after maker faire.

Calendar review, addie will work on getting better planned, october we have a booth for one of the glow nights. Balloon fiesta needs a meeting group, Ignite! vote for our talks!

Solar jars were a success, if you have talks or classes talk to dakota for an option to do a workshop there will be a sheet up, and a wiki area.

Event planning meeting tueday during hacknight.

Old Business, board positions, do we refill any missing, go up or go down, Each board member needs to write a paragraph about what they do. by 2 weeks(19th of august) want to have a meeting then.

Member communication methods, (3 lists? example announce/main/noise), more linking about forum posts on other sources like, facebook, forum links and facebook, in a signature. wiki is also.

Review Strategic planning review read the list and get back next month (prep for 2013!)

Monthly event planning meeting be tuesday 7th during early hacknight

New Business: Geoff Membership structure, “Friends of Quelab” member level. $20 punch card, also member cards with

  • tracking whos here when
  • getting options for not full members
  • cards as free advertizing
  • waver is part of the card

This can be implemented by stages, friends cards first, Raised ink is a fine security measure.

May need to raise rates a bit, due to the paypal tax (1.32 per membership), square is only 90c but not re-occurring. amazon no-longer is free for non profits.

We ok with raising prices? bump it up to 40? with the $20 friends membership option? Family group price adult membership then a fee per kids. how about other folks under the same roof? Membership planning meeting, (values/benefits/structure) Meet with geoff morgain greg charel and adric if interested

small classes, rather than bigger event nights. most of the time.

Addie proclaims a, we have a table at Ignite. we need to plan for that ASAP!

monthly potlucks good idea, alfred will plan next one.

meeting ended 6:37pm)

Actionable items Extracted from notes above.

Everybody: Vote for talks

Everybody: Figure out what to put on the table at Ignite!

Everybody: Event planning meeting Tuesday 8/7/12 during early hacknight)

Everybody: Review 11-6-2011-Strategic planning & report back next meeting

Charel: Add maker faire meetings to calendar, Thursdays 6:30-8:30 @Quelab

Aaron & Greg: Meet up to talk about what would be acceptable start for the canteen

Adric: Make progress on Stone grant Adric: add a signature to the tinyletter and the members mail list signature announcing forums and facebook

Boardmembers: write up a paragraph and email in about what your percieved duties are/should be, due by Aug 19th, meeting will be held during hacknight to discuss.

Geoff: Outline new membership structure, looking at implementation steps, and pitfalls. Geoff, Morgain, Charel, Greg and Adric interested in discussing ideas

Dakota: start/Started a signup sheet for classes.