Strategic Planning Meeting Agenda

Date: 11/6/11
Time: 6:03pm
Attendees: Greg, Ray, Aaron, Adric, Geoff, Eric.W Alfred, Jonas and Walter(after 6:13)

Ground Rules

Ice breaker

Question: What tool would you be in a hackerspace? Answers were not specifically written down, but we had, router, wiki, dremmel, welder…

Agenda Review:

Strategic Planning

  • Prioritize the to do list
  • Decide the monthly themes for the end of the year
  • (if time remains) Discuss the lease renewal


Meeting notes: In each category, the To Do list items were scrubbed. Final lists are documented below. Then each list was prioritized using a “beauty contest” voting scheme. This was done to look for natural “break points” of high priority vs. low priority tasks.

Space/Location related tasks:

  • (6) Winterize the space
  • (6) Take/keep inventory
  • (5) Space planning
  • (3) provide clean/special purpose space
  • (3) Accumulate tools & Equipment
  • (2) provide a gathering space for other groups
  • (1) Add a craft space
  • (0) Rent out Quelab to 3rd party organizations

Communications related tasks:

  • (7) Contact the press regularly
  • (5) Revamp website & Online content, to improve external communication
  • (4) Develop and give a “spread the word” briefing
  • (4) Document your projects
  • (4) Update fliers and business cards
  • (2) Create an “About Us” video
  • (2) Touch base with members

Business related tasks:

  • (7) Codify policies and procedures
  • (6) Finish Bylaws
  • (5) Acquire Insurance
  • (4) Develop membership packet
  • (3) Provide “in-kind” donations
  • (2) Re-evaluate membership “perks” structure
  • (0) Participate in ISEA next year

Other Income related tasks:

  • Sell stuff
  • Solicit partnerships with other local organization
  • Pursue grants and sponsorships

Events Calendar.

  • Sat Nov 19th, 8am-12pm: Indoor swapmeet/yardsale
  • Sat Dec 3rd: After Barcamp social. (still tentative)
  • Tue Dec 13th: Hacknight theme Techmas (geeky arts and crafts)
  • Tue Dec 20th: Hacknight theme Techmas
  • Sun Dec 4th: Hacknight theme Deck the Lab (light sequencing)
  • Sun Dec 11th: Hacknight theme Deck The Lab (audio)
  • Sun Dec 18th: Hacknight theme Deck The Lab (control/displays)