July General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share. Date: 07 July 2013 Time:

  • 4:30 pm Volunteer Appreciation Pot Luck Social
  • 4:55 pm 5 min of fame (Alfred)
  • 5:00 pm General Business Meeting:

1. Agenda Review 2. Ground Rules 3. Old and New Business (18 minutes max)

  • New Location (Walter)
    • In the process of negotiations with 2 spaces
  • Space Planning committee kick-off (Greg)
    • PURPOSE: Prepare the new location to house the Quelab v2.0
    • GOALS: Develop a list of features and capabilities that will be available in the space. Assign functionality to each part of the floorplan. Implement any necessary infrastructure or upgrades to the new location in preparation for the move.
    • NEEDS: To work closely with the New Location Task Force. Input from the Quelab members on what capabilities they want to have in the new space.
    • Introduce a discussion about restructuring of the Quelab Organization (Greg)
    • PURPOSE: streamline the Quelab administration and operations
    • GOALS: Reduce number of board members (officers) to avoid burnout of any individual. Implementation of committees (directors) to conduct operations of the lab.
    • NEEDS: to actually finish the bylaws document
  • Calendar review

4. Reports (5 minutes max)

  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Review of June Space Fed Conference Call (?)
  • ACE awesomeness (John H.)
  • QueLab Summer Fellowship (Alfred/Walter)
  • #ABQ MMF2 planning (Charel)
  • Packet Party (Jeremy)
  • 3D Printing Club (Alfred)
  • Captain Quelab: Implementation comments, feedback, questions (Ray)

Meeting Starting at 5:12pm Reading of the ground rules,

Meeting Notes: Alfred showed his 3dprinteds spin coater for graphene experiments.

Greg, Rebecca, aaron, bandit, geoff, john, adric, alfred, charel, john, tara, julie, johnh, terrio, cherie, all in attendance at start,

Review of meeting agenda was done,

  • Jumping to Business org restructuring: Greg introduces as an idea to restructure, as to where the board does more of the higher level and we want the members to handle more of the events and the stuff.
  • one option, strip down the board to the 4 needed positions
  • another option, expand the board to have many more slots,
    • Charel noted apache has 7-9 board, and then there are hundreds of vp's of the subgroups, vp's dont vote on the board,
    • Idea of having the board members with no portfolio each serve as backup of the 4 required board.

invite outside people to be possible board members,

  • need volunteer coordinator
  • Events coordinator
  • Facilities Coordinator (or perhaps and a shop manager)

We would like have the board meet before next month to address some of the ideas above.

New Location planning.

  • Haines
    • Asking price is best bang for the buck,
      • Needs work, may have a step lease, may need some sweat equity, during the remodel, Richard is going to verify that we would be under his insurance during the remodel
  • High Street
    • not quite as good of a price,
    • owner/manager is not known for doing much interior or rebuild after tenants move in, also has not gotten back to us in response to our code and livability issue resolution.

Going ahead to try and seal a deal soon

Space planning: cards were passed out, for people to write down areas for future space needs, collected and piled up, results will be tabulated later,

space planning committee: walter Cherie, alfred, dakota, rebecca, bandit, tenzin, julie all volunteered, (space cadets) new mail list,

  • GOALS: Develop a list of features and capabilities that will be available in the space. Assign functionality to each part of the floor plan. Implement any necessary infrastructure or upgrades to the new location in preparation for the move. Implementing the planning for the new space,

the space cadets and the planning people will need to work together as spaces get selected, will need a list of emails to setup a new mail alias,

Movig on to reports Tressurer report: 29 members, $2000 in bank account, $1000 is 3dprinter group. $ insurance cam in 410, lease is month to month: $1130 current rent, Dakota is spending time working with geoff to help document it all,

  • Maintanance
  • membership
  • bookkeeping, john
  • events

Still in good standing with state, and space fed,

  • Space Fed Conference Call: once again nobody here was on the call: someone on the board should send out Atrium or spacefed call info for the members

Ace: good success, Artemis was awesome, and well liked, At the booth, the Tardis and the 3dprinters were well liked. It went good,

  • need a ACE recap post.
  • a suggested idea is have more of a about quelab space near the Artemis room.

Summer interns: we have funded interns: Dakota Alfred and Morgan, are Interning.

  • helping with organizing,
  • website transition,
  • Yay Minions!

MakerFaire planning: First meeting is Monday at Quelab. Sparkfun is a bit over extended, so not sure what thy will be up for, Quelab is requested to help with the learn to solder.

  • needs more makers and volunteers!
  • has a volunteer coordinator (Greg)
  • community development (Sandia) folks want more things tagged with stem,
  • 3dprinting club news, filament extruder: planning has progressed for the 2nd printer
  • Captain quelab. still needing more people involved,

meeting closed at 7:26