NovemberMeeting Agenda:

NOTE:All meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date:04 November 2012
Time:4:30-6pm MT


Ground Rules

Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Space Federation updates (Geoff)
  • Task Forces:
    • (Geoff) membership (new level approvals)
    • (Greg/Walter/Adric) New location task force: NLTF
    • (Ray/Alfred ) Quelab 3d printer acquisition
  • 3-month Calendar Review (Walter)
    • DIY Locksmithing - November 7
    • Flavor Hacking - November 16

Old business:

  • Upcoming Event Planning:
    • Techmas
  • Cleaning up the lab! We all need to do it! pick a date!ZZ

New Business

  • Define the use of members@ mailing list


Meeting Notes: 4:51pm meeting started with Geoff, Adric, Charelm, arron, greg, Ray, and Jeremy in attendance bandit via skype.

Read the ground rules.

Ice breaker, mac guyver,, star trek, neuromancer, snowcrash, junkyard wars, stargate, makers.

Tressurer report, $1000 in bank account! Discussions were made about possibly using meetup instead of eventbright, and also some discussion on if we are able to file for our own 501c3 based on time under the SF

Space Fed update, new SF employees, one aggregating cool things hackerspaces are doing to the world.

  • Should update our paypal donate page to have some info on that the charge will come from the SF.
  • building a new handbook for internal SF stuff,
  • all injuries should be reported to sf
    • first aid should be taught,
    • zombie first aid is a cool way to do that.

Membership Ship Taskforce, We agreed on the bones, but want Greg a big presentation to send out to the members, before next meeting. to be ratified next meeting for pre xmas sales.

NLTF, we looked at a bunch of places, Goal is to get for moving january

3d printer taskforce, probably using indigogo, needs to generate a video, talk of $800 amount, charel can help with dialog for the video,

Calendar review, locksmithing, flavor hacking, stenciling, space painting, brewing, 2nd thursday of the month for IDS stuff)


  • 3d printer class!
  • possibly Arduino stuff? aaron or possibly Bill Cotton
  • see small things big class (adric)

Upcoming Event Planning, Techmas: Addie, Charel & Wendi, Terry O, (hack nights? ) First one sunday the 2nd! email

Cleaning up the lab: Tuesday the 6th & 11th!

New Business:

mailing lists was, pulled up on the paper board greg will transcribe.

Misc: (we need a christmas card list)

meeting ended at 6:45 but thats on schedule since we started late.