Agenda Topics for June meeting Notes from meeting below the line….

Potluck bbq! We need to Do it!


Memberships: We need more!

Hacknights: lots of old regulars MIA why? Meeting Attendance: We need more!

Kickstarter: looking into a kickstarter type funding option to get us 6months worth of breathing space.

  • needs perks
    • Tshirts,
    • Hackbags, (small netbook/e-reader totes with a small tool/gadget pouch)
    • We need stickers
    • And while we are at it we need new, Business Cards.

Mission Statement: Its in the works, we should amend/fix/ratify it!

Private events: One Saturdaynight July 2nd, sponsored by Adric.


  • PCB etching class.
  • Basic Arduino
  • Pinhole camera fun
  • Someone want to see if Alan is still interested in a small class on ancient navigation and measure techniques?
  • glass blowing/bending?
  • classes for artists, (teach them to use LED's or other hackish stuff in their projects)

Next Event:

  • Electronic music concert, mid june,

Next Next Event:

  • Air and Space, (end of July)
    • Paper airplanes and other gliding contests
    • Model rockets (real models not plastic kits)
    • Water and water and alkaceltzer film can rockets
    • Air pressure/water rockets
    • Balloon/ Kite photography?
    • Astronomy
    • Static Rocket engine test
    • making rocket engines? (just a thought, i know someone who likes to do such things)
    • Launch day?
    • RC and and other aircraft.

Event ideas: look into making a serious program/schedule for the event. sell ad space! Planning details can be found here

Notes: 10 people in Attendance Woohoo!

Still need more members, and cleanup volunteers!

News: Indiegogo launched,]

  • we need to work on the perks, and a video
  • stickers Ray says Check into stubblefield printing -adric will look into it
  • we need to spread the word.. this money may help us go 501c3 and also get tot he self funding stage!

Music event, July 15th, at marble,

  • Needs a raffle prize that wont cost us more than we will get
    • talk to kemper about tablet
    • Needs a PA amp/speaker
    • Needs promoting!

Mission Statement: Draft was passed around, it was agreed more language about open-ness/source/minds.

  • Community of like minded, ideas, projects and shared equipment.
  • shared interests, to help and be helped by others.
  • solving problems

Next big event: Earth Sky and Air! We need projects, and vounteers! Lets get cracking!

New Cards are needed, if we can we would like a simplified mission statement or flyer on the back

Classes, the idea was supported, and we have ammended the list of possible classes and gained a few volunteers to spearhead some of them

  • beginning Linux -Curtis
  • paranoia class -gabe
  • pinhole and easy photography -adric
  • Arduino class is wanted
  • Google Sketchup, or Thingiverse class?

Upcoming events:

  • Hacknights every Sunday & Tuesday 7-10pm
  • Linux Class, 7/12 @ 7pm Free!
  • Music of the electrons, Music Show 7/15
  • Earth Sky And Air 7/30
  • Next Monthly planning meeting, 7/31