Prusa Mendel

THIS CONTENT IS HISTORICAL: This printer caught fire and was rebuilt by Ben Kuttesch and Morgan Gangwere in Mid-to-late April 2016. Components from this printer were used to create the Prusa I3

The Prusa Mendel was a 3D printer built by Alfred in 2013, and modified a number of times by various members over the next few years. It came to the end of its life in 2016 when the head caught fire. It was replaced by the Prusa i3.


  • In January 2013, Quelab hosted a crowdfunding campaign to purchase a public-use 3D Printer, based on the Prusa Mendel style of reprap.
  • Other members have a reprap style of printer and can be a good point to ask questions of
    • Ray - Reprap
    • Julie - RepRap w/ e3d hotend
    • Alfred - Custom Air2 XL (Cochren Mod)
    • Jeremy - Customized Prusa Air 2

Details / Current configuration

Work path

  • Take STL file into slic3r and configure layers, infill, cooling and other settings → export to gocde
    • Now that there are two printers, make sure you have the proper printer and filament type selected
  • Take export gcode into Pronterface, connect to printer, heat printer, load file and print

Parts used

Log book

* If you make a change to the printer itself or fix something, please document it here

Date Operator Description
3/1/15 Alfred releveled the bed, added heatshrink to Z-rods,
3/1/15 JTH cleaned glass and reapplied hairspray
?/?/16 morgang CAUGHT FIRE: REBUILT