Vice President

Responsible for:
Back-up to the President
Annual Board Elections

Contact Info
John Murray

The Vice President is the President's shadow, who will fulfill the duties of the President if they are unable to do so. Generally, this is so the President can take a vacation every now and then, and not worry about leaving Quelab in the lurch. Thus, the Vice President is the second in the line of succession for the presidency of Quelab.

Additionally, the vice president has been given the responsibility of coordinating the annual election for the Board of Directors, as set down in the Election Handbook. Historically, the Vice President has also pursued space-improvement projects, such as the skill-tree, safety orientation, and outreach.

The term of the Vice President is one year, and is appointed by the Directors with advice from the President.


  • Conduct the duties of the office of the Vice President as defined by the bylaws
  • Coordinate the annual election per Appendix B and the Election Handbook
  • Shadow the President for the purposes of learning the job if you are called upon to take their place
  • Attend Quelab Board meetings

Article 5: Section 7. Duties of Vice President