Rental Steward

Responsible for:

Managing rentable space at Quelab & collecting rents for said space(s)

Contact Info
Darren Moody

The term of office for the Rental Steward is one year, and is appointed by the board with the advice of the President.

The responsibilities of the Rental Steward are as follows:

  • Establish and enforce a set of policies, for renting space at Quelab. The first and primary being that anybody renting space from Quelab must become (or be) a member of the community for the duration of rental to ensure a sense of community ownership.
  • Be a point of contact for the board, Quelab membership, general public for questions regarding rentable space at Quelab and the associated policies / procedures.
  • Promote the availability of rentable workspace at Quelab.
  • Work with Treasurer and Tech team to introduce additional automatic payment plan options to include standard defined sizes of work table / Anthro cart space rental as part of rental payment.
  • Collect rent payments for workbench rental, storage, and any other source declared the responsibility of this position.
  • Enter non-electronic payments into the Square and depositing them in the office.
  • Maintain online records (accessible to stewards and/or board members) of renters and space being rented.
  • Be an active participant in the Facilities Workgroup to monitor and propose rental areas in the space. By default, this would encompass the coordination and interaction with all space captains as deemed necessary.