Registrar's Handbook

The Membership Registrar is the officer tasked with onboarding members and maintaing the member list. To do that, here are some of the procedures that we use.

Member Registration

To become a member at Quelab, you need to fill out our registration form, so that we have a name and email address with which to inform you of activities at the lab, provide the monthly door-code, and announce our annual board election. This information will be be entered into our membership database for the purposes of us contacting you. We will not sell or provide your information to any third parties without your consent.

Member Orientation

To gain 24-hour access to the space, new members must attend an orientation session, which goes over the general policies of quelab, such as Safety and Conduct. New members will be invited to join one of our regularly scheduled orientation sessions, but one-off orientations can be conducted if the schedule is inconvenient. New members attending the orientation will be asked to sign the Liability Waiver if they had not already done so. Orientation generally also incudes a brief safety training and quick tour (for those who haven't been there before).

Dues Payments

Membership dues are charged in arrears and are owed on the first of the month, and are late by the fifteenth of the month. Dues paid after the fifteenth of the month are considered payment in advance for the next month. Members on Paypal Automatic Payments are defaulted to be paid on time, even if their payment date is on or after the fifteenth. Automatic payment members who cancel their membership after the door-code is sent out, but before their Paypal charge hits are party-poopers, and we're not too keen on that. Our new membership system (Wild Apricot) allows for prorated membership dues for folks who sign up after the fifteenth, and features automatic charges on the first with email notifications sent a week before and twice after the due-date. Members are advised to switch to WildApricot billing over PayPal, due to data-import inconsistencies. See the WildApricot tutorial for more info.

Good Standing

Members are considered in good standing if they do not have any disciplinary actions pending, and if their account is paid in full.


Members are considered lapsed if they have not paid their account after the fifteenth day of the month. Membership will be canceled if payment is not received by the end of the month.