Education Steward

Responsible for:
Quelab's Educational Offerings

Contact Info:
J.J. Salley

The term of office for the Education Steward is one year, and is appointed by the Board with the advice of the President.

The responsibilities of the Education Steward are as follows:

  • Be a point of contact for people interested in teaching classes, workshops, or hosting events at Quelab
  • Actively recruit people to teach classes, workshops, or host events at Quelab
  • Promote upcoming classes and workshops and when appropriate coordinate with the Social Media/Communications Steward regarding promotions
  • Coordinate with other stewards/board members on issues regarding classes and workshops
  • Maintain and manage Quelab classes on events calendar
  • Create and maintain a planning calendar
  • Streamline the process for classes, workshops, and events
  • Manage the education honoraria and budget and provide reports to the board upon request
  • Establish a procedure for members to propose new workshops and classes