ORION™ Delta Desktop 3D Printer

This printer was so very graciously donated to us from SeeMeCNC in February of 2015 when they stopped by on a hacknight to connect with Quelab. They showed off their 17 foot delta printer, and brought in a life sized 3d printout of their son. OMG! That thing is awesome. It was a community meeting, too; they ate at the potluck, attended the meeting, then stayed for HackNight. We thought they had left when they came back in to give us the Orion! A great group of people.


  • 0.91 Firmware
  • 0.5 nozzle
  • 6“ diameter (150mm - 75mm radius), 9” tall (220mm)
  • RAMBO controller, running Repetier

Preflight checklist

There are no preflight considerations for this printer.