Quelab is pleased to offer to its members access to a 80 watt CO2 infrared laser cutter.


Authorized Users

This is a RED level tool, and requires additional training, and is available to members-only

Only authorized users are permitted to use the laser! To become an authorized user, you must be trained by one of the Authorized Trainers (restricted to logged in members only).


Head over to Laser Operations for laser usage and procedures.

If you like the “how-to” small posters on the laser cutter room walls, you can download that PDF here.

Scheduling Time on the Laser Cutters

We use a shared Google Calendar to reserve time on the cutter. See Laser Cutter Reservations for detailed information.

- Automatic lasercut notched six-sided box generator. A little primitive, but if you don't have – or want to spend – the time figuring out all the notches for a simple box, this can be pretty nifty. It let's you plug in material thickness and basic notch parameters. It's also a neat way to see how this technique looks if it's a new method for you.