Become an Eco-Macgyver

Ideas pulled from Emails:

  • Milk Jug/carton planters.
  • Geoff
  • My Big Fresnel Death Ray. (need a box of cheap uv cutting sunglasses
  • (still need a batch of sunglasses for anyone who wants to be around it)
    • adric
  • Someone's Fuel Cell Solar Cell Car, (there next to the drill press since we moved in, looks complete has a manual)
  • Demo Power use with the Killowatt, LED VS CFL VS lightbulb, and or phantom power demo.
  • demo a Copper oxide home built solar cell (cooked the copper for the cell the other day, (still need to test) -ad

need to make the electrolyte and jar, milliamp meter and testing)

  • Sanded pennies salt water volta piles (make had a article on it), can make throwies. -adric & walter
  • plastic bag “Tyvec clone” ironing plastic bags together to make a

strong fabric (someone posted a link here

  • lexi?
  • Wine Bottle Recycling?
  • gabe
  • My junk built Solar Shop heater. (hopefully fully thermal switched and solar powered by then. (wrong season, but shows how some junk plus $1.50 can lend some warmth to a chilly garage ***adric
  • Wind and sun powered yardlight. (tested it got it charged from nothing to a medium glow driving home, took about a 6mph wind

to spin the teeny pinwheel)

  • adric
  • Coke Bottle Air/Water rocket toy.
  • adric
  • Slow Photography, Taking pictures using blueprint paper, Snus tin pinhole throwies,
  • adric
  • Small garden composter
  • geoff

Other ideas:

  • Gabe's big motor setup with a crank and a load. to show folks how

much work work it takes.

  • We have lots of 12V gel cells, think about how to power things with

them, or demo some electrolysis

  • Ive got an electric scooter in the back yard, needs a fair bit of

work, and probably wont

  • Old UPS turned into a solar/battery/car 110V AC inverter.
  • setting up the satellite tv dish, and my antenna tripod to warwalk/long distance link
  • Come up with uses for all those small 8“x8” plexi glass windows.
  • other cool recycled things ideas????