September Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 06 September 2015


  • 4:00 pm Pot Luck
  • 5:05 pm Shout Outs
  • 5:10 pm Community Meeting:

1. Agenda Review

2. Ground Rules

3. Reports

  • Donations Report (Darren)
  • Membership Report (Jezzri)
  • Treasurer's Report (Geoff)
  • Officers Report (Walter)

4. Old and New Business

  • OLD
    • Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire Recap
    • MSNBC “Your Business Makeover”
  • NEW



93 Members

$11,000 in the bank

We need an auditor to become a 501©3

Maker Faire:

-More things at the maker store
-More advance warning for Quelab’s plans
-Quelab tent felt spread out
-Take apart went well
-Bring in some junk for people to learn to soldering
-Same weekend as Bubonicon
-Unsoldering station?
-Google safety glasses
-Greater or MC who wonders arounds
-Load in and load out went very fast
-More than 200 makers!
-Thanks to all the members

Monday the 20th Maker Faire rap up meeting

Reality show following makers with large projects

-Team of 3-4, must use Intel product in the final version

“Your Business Makeover”

-MSNBC show
-Quelab opportunity to look good
-We would have access to items at the army surplus store to create projects to show on the show

FlytCam MOU

-Drone Class
-FAA Drone Certification
-Free to Quelab Members

Tech Fiesta

Should we start potlucks so early?

-Especially in summer it might improve turnout if we start later

Quelab Swap Meet

-We haven’t had a yard sale in this new location
-Don’t schedule over Balloon Fiesta or State Fair

Design Lab in front room

-mixed-use space for classes as well
-move loom to poop deck