February Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 08 February 2014


  • 4:00 pm Pot Luck
  • 5:05 pm Shout Outs
  • 5:10 pm Meeting

1. Agenda Review (1 minute)

2. Ground Rules (<1 minute)

3. Reports

  • Membership - 88 members (18 of those are Associate Memberships) as of 2/8/15 9:28 am (<1 minute)
  • Treasurer's Report (3 minutes)


  • Board Election Results (5 minutes)
  • Inclusivity & Anti Harassment Policy Cameron ( 10 minutes)
  • Upcoming Classes and Events
    • Intro to Arduino Class with Van Sat, March 7, 10am – 3pm - Rebecca (2 minutes)
    • Epic Pie Day (3.14.15 @9:27am) - Help (3 minutes)
    • Coder Dojo -Christopher Suski
    • Crochet Class with Desiree - Sherrie (2 minutes)
  • Outline of Training - (20 Minutes)
  • Discuss Skill Trees (10 Minutes)
  • Make Skill Trees (30 Minutes)


Meeting kicked off at 5:05, 36 in attendance

Appreciations - jeremy for new server & isp host

Bandit played robotics judge

Adric for leading the Makey makey workshops

Membership Report - see above

  • Darren: expect more memberships after our STEM event outreach at the nuclear museum
  • Charel: can we track membership changes over the next few weeks?

Treasurer’s Report - Geoff “we have money in the bank” Employer matching time is upon us, and that means more money coming in, including the space fed

  • 5K in the bank
  • 2K in 3d printing fund
  • Paid current through 1st & 2nd quarters, waiting for 3rd quarter bill
  • priority projects include plumbing for kitchen & library shelves
  • Charel: have we payed rent? Geoff: yes
  • Morgan: are we solvent? Geoff: we are 105% funded, we’re getting an extra $50 per/month
  • Jeremy: is the rent going up again? Geoff: yes, going up in April, that will be our last increase
  • Darren: do we have budget for library shelves? Geoff: yes, $300 from the Indiegogo Darren thinks we can get some from bentleys, And JT may have one available soon.


  • Board elections
  • Thank you everyone that came & voted
  • 4 positions returned -= adric & Geoff reelected for 2 year term
  • Jezzri & Lissa joining the board as new members
  • Darren: can we change the meeting to a hacknight? Walter: we are discussing making modifications in the future
  • Inclusivity & Anti Harassment policy
  • Cameron presented on the new policy
  • Board to host an open forum this coming Thursday at 6:30pm
  • March’s meeting main topic will be this policy
  • Celeste: what will the format be on Thursday? Walter: I will facilitate, please bring your ideas and input to be held @ Quelab in the Core
  • Cameron: please bring your specific ideas, please read the language
  • Rebecca: where will the meeting be held? Walter: in the Core
  • Upcoming Classes and Events - Rebecca
  • Intro to Arduino Class with Van Sat, March 7, 10am – 3pm - Rebecca (2 minutes)
  • Signup on EventBrite, sign up ending Feb 23rd, $55 for members, $65 non-members, includes Arduino pack from AdaFruit, discussion on whether to offer price for those that already have the Arduino
  • Jeremy: is there a different price for people bringing their own Arduinos?
  • Taught by non-member Van Legg
  • Epic Pi Day (Saturday 3.14.15 @9:27 a.m.) - Help (3 minutes)
  • Membership only event, but you can bring friends & family
  • Visiting to PieTown, NM for some Pie
  • Back to Quelab to discuss Pi & have pi-related contests
  • hope to get a gift cert from Adafruit
  • Want to encourage new members to come out
  • BYOP(ie)
  • Coder Dojo -Christopher Suski
  • Christopher just joined Quelab
  • for kids to learn how to code
  • proposed for 2nd & 4th Saturdays
  • similar to “hour of code”event at CNM
  • Coder Dojo is a project based club for kids to work coding
  • coderdojo.org
  • There are about 400 around the country, Chris wants to get one started at Quelab
  • Needs volunteers, at least 4 other Quelab members
  • Initial idea: 10-noon on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in the month
  • Zoot: are kids going to be restricted from leaving the Core? Chris: yes
  • Zoot: will kids be here with their parents? Chris: yes
  • Rebecca: what would Quelab volunteers be doing? Chris: need 1 member for 7 guests to comply with Quelab rules, need a minimum of three technical mentors but if you want to just come and hang out that’s fine too
  • bandit: cost per family and is there a minimum age? Chris: free and minimum age of 7
  • John: if I’m a mentor, can I get in on the training? Chris: oh, yeah
  • Crochet Class with Desiree - Sherrie (2 minutes)
  • $5 for members, $10 for non members, BYOY(arn)
  • Date? Thursday, Feb 19 6 - 9 to be confirmed, will be placed on calendar when it is finalized
  • Outline of Training - (20 Minutes)
  • Walter discussed the new policy
  • quelab.net/moodle to tracking new training
  • Everyone will have to go through this
  • Will be up & running in a week, & will be announced to all
  • users will need to register to our moodle instance & take the QUelab Basic Usage & Safety (BUS)
  • Can email [[training@quelab.net| training@quelab.net

to make suggestions

  • Members will have two months to go through this & complete
  • Starting with May meeting, if you have not completed, you will not get the door key code
  • There are some graphic images in the presentation, but they are marked as such, and warning is given (next slide contains….)
  • Cameron - when changes are implemented, will everyone have to re-take it? Is it one time or annual? Walter: no, no re-take, because training will be required annually
  • Jeremey: can non-members still use tools? Walter - Yes.
  • Charel - Q. on public & tool use
  • Ray - are we at the point of labeling tool color levels? Walter - Red for members only, yellow requires training, green no training needed
  • Eric talked of his experience in academia, new people with NO training of any kind. Usually done one-on-one. Techshop trains people “for adequacy” - how to not hurt themselves, how not to break the machines
  • Discuss Skill Trees (10 Minutes)
  • Jezzri lead the process on filling out the radar chart of skills
  • Why are we doing this? We are community, and can teach & learn from each other.; these charts will help facilitate that
  • Make Skill Trees (30 Minutes)