February Community Meeting Agenda:

DRAFT. If you have an item to add to the agenda, please let an officer know.

NOTE: All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 03 February 2019


  • 5:00 pm Pot Luck
  • 6:00 pm Community Meeting

1. Board Report

2. Officer Reports

  • President's Report
  • Treasurer's report
  • Education: position currently vacant
  • Events Officer: position currently vacant
  • Membership: position currently vacant
  • Outreach: Charel Morris
  • Social Media: Rebecca Snyder
  • Donations: John “JT” Benedetto
  • Facilities: John Murray
  • Rental: Darren Moody
  • Area Captains
    • 3-D Printing: Josh Pedersen
    • Arcade - Troy Ross
    • Digital Arts - Darrel Knutson
    • Electronics Lab: Charlie Fullerton
    • Fiber Arts: Sherie Pennebaker
    • Laser: Craig Goldsmith
    • Machine Shop: Denis Muradov
    • Welding: John Murray
    • Woodshop: Jesse Trujillo

3. Old Business

  • Recap: Star Wars Day - Darren, JT, Josh, JJ
  • Board of Directors' Election
  • Recap: Stem Day at the Nuclear Museum - JJ, Josh, Darrell, Morgan

4. New Business

  • Makerfaire prep