December Public Meeting Agenda

Date: 12/11/11
Time: 6:57 Attendees: Greg, alfred, aaron, ray, adric, geoff, morgan

Ground Rules

Ice breaker

Agenda Review:


  • Board meeting notes


  • Quick review of Strategic Planning Activities
  • Comic Con table? Jan 13-15
  • Room rental
  • Teaching classes
  • Andrew Stones Proposal (paid year membership & webhostingfor a winner)
    • Needs defining
    • how to advertize
  • payment method (other than paypal)
  • SproutNM micro funding event Jan. 28


Meating notes:

next icebreaker is canded camera elevatorpitch. all members were here for for the board

Albuquerque Comicon Convention, Cameron will fund table, if he gets advertizing,

  • someone organize people/event
  • who will man event
  • what to flyer
  • what to show.

Aaron was gong to get this started.

Note on coworking: igor suggested if we can define some more co-working spaces, desk/chair type of spaces, perhaps modular space. photo of what people get co-working might sell it.

Room Rental:

  • membership needed

Ideas: use office as co-working, jewellery space? electronics shop, rent it out, as office?

  • ammenities: wifi, electric, kitchen, utilities, membership, workshop, free tshirt 24/7, bathrooms….
  • geoff will initiate rental writeup

Teaching Classes:

  • pricing
  • price + materials: lets start off cheaper go up from there
    • soldering
    • embedded processor class(arduino)
      • perhaps a rolling self starting 101 arduino class
  • C programming
  • wordpress(get wordcamp folks involved)
  • opensource stuff
  • seeyourself teaching

Anyone who wants to teach things, even total n00b classes.

Stones proposal: Video contest: get people who are interested in us, contest may be more about what they would do with a year membership at Quelab.

  • criteria, benefit to albuquerque community tech community.
  • coolness, self improvement/skill development,
  • how to advertize
    • video for youtube
    • advertize stuff, create nm, dukecity fix, abqhotspot, kunm,

insurance, need info from gabe on dayton diode,

Next meeting for the 8th of january,