October Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All community meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 04 October 2015


  • 4:00 pm Pot Luck
  • 5:05 pm Shout Outs
  • 5:10 pm Community Meeting:

1. Agenda Review

2. Ground Rules

3. Officer Reports

  • Officer's Report (Walter)
  • Treasury Report (Geoff)
  • Membership report (Jezzri)

4. Old Business

  • MSNBC Update (Walter)
  • FlytCam UAV Academy (Luke)

5. New Business

  • Board Elections (Walter)
  • New Mexico Radio Collector's Club (John)
  • Marigold Parade (Aaron)
  • Upcoming Events:
    • 10/8 & 22- Table Top Game Night
    • 10/10 & 24 - CoderDojo


-Ground Rules

-87 members, about $10,000 in the bank

-MSNBC reality show working with Jones Surplus. There’s not a lot of stuff at Jones that looks good for projects, but a few ideas emerged. For now the whole thing is on hold.

-Flytcam Presentation

-Quelab would be the pilot Makerspace for an open source drone training class

-One night a week

-Starting sometime after the holidays

-Board Elections in January

-Spots will be open for new directors

-Radio Collectors Club

-Meeting theme every month

-November meeting theme is Computers

-Marigold Parade

-Tabletop game night

-Coder Dojo