Officers' Corps Meeting

Date: July 22, 2018 Time: 4:00 p.m.

Attending: Aaron, Sherie, Josh, Darrel, Gonner, Craig, Denis, Darren, John M., JT, Adric, Rebecca


  • Reforming the Space Cadets into the Facilities Workgroup
    • Stalled, will be brought up at the next Board Meeting
  • New Building Ownership
    • New owner, one more electric payment to Hanna, then new company
  • Laser Cutter Room update Craig
    • New approach to training - Craig will do most of the training himself. We do have a list of certified trainers on the wiki (which he scrubbed the list down); only those people should be doing training.
    • If you train someone, they should be added to the wiki
    • The room has been a particular mess, and that needs to be better
    • Again: No food or non-water drinks in that room!
    • We need to refill some of the cleaning supplies for that laser cutter room.
      • Anything under $100 can be approved by the president. Use the “reimbursement” envelopes & JT can initial it so Josh can reimburse it.
    • Janpro Janitorial Services - John M.
      • We are 5 months behind on the Cleaning Service!
      • John is suggesting we discontinue the service
      • Josh has had difficulty with contacting the company, though he was down to the company
      • Adric checked, and they were here as recently as 10-18-18
      • JT & John to take to the Board John’s proposal
      • Charel dealt with the company, we think it is month to month. We can request she contact the company to ask them to not send us to collections
    • Missing Equipment
      • Brewing equipment is missing
      • Maybe we can expand the spreadsheet JT used when he was Woodshop captain for Area Captains to inventory their areas
    • Recycling dumpster
      • John called Hannah, Hannah talked to the city, and they said we don’t have enough recyclables to justify one, nor the cost, and we don’t have a large enough parking lot (not enough space).
      • Colorwheel toys fundraiser - Rebecca
        • Pop-up toy shop currently in Nob Hill, next to the Flying Star there near Carlisle
        • Rebecca saw they were doing a PTA fundraiser, for 20% of up to $400 for a specified day of customers that come in and mention Quelab
        • November 6th is our day for a fundraiser; their hours are 10 - 6
        • Josh might have a lead to have it mentioned at KUNM’s Children Hour
    • Darrel asked if Josh has been tracking special funds - digital arts, 3D printing
      • Yes, but he does not have the balances handy
      • Darrel is going to buy vinyl for the Digital Arts room, and only ask to be reimbursed for $100 (so JT can approve it)
      • Rebecca suggested having a higher rate in the digital arts lab to separate it between members and non-members.
      • It was suggested that we raise the rates for digital printing - it was stated that Darrel is the Area Captain for that space & has the power to make cost changes
      • Josh commented that we charge about 300% markup for 3d printing - it’s about $.03 a gram for plastic, and we are charging $.10 a gram for members & $.20 for non-members


  • JT to send link to google doc to Officers to the Equipment Spreadsheet
  • JT & John to take proposal to cancel cleaning service and Charel to contact them to arrange back payment & not sending us to collections

Next Meeting would be January 20th, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. (added to calendar -ad)

ADJOURNED 4:48 p.m.