OctoberGeneral Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE:All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date:07 October 2012
Time:4:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. MST


Ground Rules

Ice Breaker

  • What current hacking project are you working on?

Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Space Federation September update (Geoff)
  • Flavor tripping preview (Walter)
  • Open Hardware Summit (Greg)
  • Task Forces:
    • New Location TF (Greg)
    • Membership TF (Geoff)

Old business:

  • ABQ's 1st Annual Mini-maker Faire (Charel) ←– what discussion is needed beyond a report about how it went? [gm]
  • 3-month Calendar Review (Addie/Walter)
    • (13 Oct) Balloon Fiesta booth
    • (10 Oct) Robot Art workshop
    • (17 Oct) Hack your router workshop
    • (20 Oct) Screen printing workshop
    • (07 Nov) DIY Locksmithing workshop
    • (16 Nov) Flavor tripping with “Miracle Fruit”

New Business

  • Quelab equipment proposal: 3-d Printer (Alfred)
  • Space cleaning! (This is everyone's problem!)
  • Pick dates and organizers for new events/workshop ideas (Greg)
    • Optics/SuperZoom event
    • 3-D printing workshop?
    • Home Brew workshop?
    • Techmas?
    • Embroidery?
    • “Kids take apart” event
    • And MORE!

Meeting Notes: 4:43pm starting! Ray, Greg Bandit, Geoff, Adric, Aaron, Addie, Walter. Martha, charel and Alfred

Ice Breaker: Greg space painting, Ray wood router, Martha: art stenciling, mosaics, furniture rehab, and painting. Aaron DALEK and other motor control and radio control. Walter audio jar. Addie Scarf..knitted stuff. Bandit. teensy 2.0 electronic controller. Geoff is unpacking and working on rfid stuff, Adric is working on locksmithing, and finding new classes and ideas, Alfred has been working on school and his new uber printer, Charel is working on workshop ideas, tin luminarias, mask making.


  • Treasurer Report:
    • Doing better, we did get a small charge for low ballance, could be doing better. 236.92 from our classes, 23 members we are getting close to the fully funded state.
    • geoff donated the ace table fees, non profit filing and insurance, he may be able to get reuters matching.
    • Met with Megan at SF, talked abut doners. and how to get communication with vendors. SF also needs from us more filing info, we have to file for NM they file state.
    • SF also offers atrium, document document document! put repository of how our classes are and how they have been going.
  • Flavor tripping, Went well!
  • OHS Nyc! got a possible contact for helium, tested Sheppard test stand, and the makerbot replicator and its side step from open soft/hardware
  • Task Forces:
    • NLTF (new location): handout will be linked here, criteria for the next place, looking at 3 places next week. planning@quelab.net for more

Maker Faire: Charel thanks us, for helping make it wonderful, spent more than it made, possibly May of next year, 630 attendees, 429 were onsite(tripled online tickets), +100 volunteers and makers. 57 registered makerspace, 35 were doing hands on, 150 solder badges were at least 125 were taught to solder by Quelab.

Membership Taskforce! group reviewed the friends program, needs space for dating the punch, signature of board on the back, call it just $5 per punch, calling for consensus, friends section 1 with E removed and c changed to punches. Passed the friends vote with consensus! Will meet up by next sunday to talk about the rest

Balloon fiesta 5:00am-4pm

  • We have 2paasses, Charel is the planning, we are discussing the project, what is quelab's purpose,
    • who will come, charel has plus2, greg can be there some, arron can be there some, bandit can be there until 9, ray can be there,
    • Coordinate volunteers via charel.

Workshops were discussed, all look on track. Techmas will be december!

Alfred: is proposing a 3d printer, perhaps a kickstarter or indigogo, or pleggie, quickstart, We are talking abut a taskforce, alfred will head, adric, walter, are interested in helping design the perks,

We got cited for weeds and paint, Space cleaning: charel will be able to take most of the paint,

Swap meet! October 20th!

Greg will get banner oct 8th!

Workshop ideas: optics super zoom(adric and greg, to bigger than a workshop perhaps event, 3d printing, home brew workshop, techmas type of things, arduino

closing meeting 6:52