October General Business Meeting Agenda:

I'm *very* happy to report that this month's general meeting will actually be held in the NEW Quelab (version 2.0) North Campus location. Please NOTE that the first project in this new location is already in works, so we will have to work around their set up. Check out QuarantineABQ for more information.

Not only will we finally get to meet in our new space, we will also get a sneak peak at the very first project in it. The set up will be complete and Blackout Theater will be in the final stages of rehearsal. They are requesting that we be courteous of their production and stay out of the way that evening.

Location: Quelab “North Campus” 680 Haines Ave NW. Link to map Date: 06 October 2013


  • 4:30 pm Volunteer Appreciation Pot Luck Social
  • 4:55 pm 5 min of fame (John)
  • 5:00 pm General Business Meeting:

1. Agenda Review 2. Ground Rules

  • We're all on the same team.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • When in doubt, ask.
  • If there's a question about process, i'll decide.

3. Old Business

  • Quelab North Campus!! Tour
  • Blackout Theater Production: QuarantineABQ
  • Indiegogo fundraiser
  • Bylaws update

4. New Business (18 minutes max)

  • Moving plans (early November)
  • Grand opening ideas
  • Plans for setting up new space
    • How to inventory and mark quelab tools/equipment/art
    • How to deal with donations/personal loaned things/art
    • How to deal with abandoned stuff(policy)

5. Reports (5 minutes each, max)

  • Treasurer's report
  • 3-D printing club
  • IgniteNM
  • Coworking crawl



Meeting started at 4:55 Walter, bandit, Ray, Alfred, john, morgai, alfred, adric, and greg, shere, juli and 5 others here

Jt and Morgan 5min of fame, they are planning an arcade mame build.

Ground rules were read

tour scheduled for the end,

Greg talked about Quarantine ABQ, and the timetable, we will be handing out fliers at the exit,

Indiegogo campaign, we are at $1774, with 16 days to go, also going to keep asking people to keep donating,

Walter wants to make sure there is a pipeline for communicating with our new landlord (greg, walter and charel)

Fire Marshall walk through on the 4th, Fire inspector did not see issues with, we will still need to do our own next month.

We would like to do something nice for caroline (old landlady)

Talked a little bit of the floorplan/spacecadets work.

New bylaws will be finalized soon, board will get reelected shortly after.

there will be a split between the ops and the business parts of the space, there will be managers and board.

Moving Plan!

inventory taskforce is proposed, Adric will head this up. proposing to clear our own personal crap,

Moving in planning

packing building new moving goal of November 24th being our first hacknight.

Grand opening ideas!

food food trucks, booze Blackout theater ABQ aerialists bouncy castle? ball room popup makerfaire(micro makerfaire) Aaron brings up make it more of a party.

Start up mid afternoon, evolves into a evening party. Collaborative art project (Jezzri, Alfred's brothers area,(sp?) willing to head this up).

Treasurer report,

First Quarantine deposit was done, we are ok for a bit, but will need more members and more workshops Start thinking up subjects.

3dprintibng club, some progress on the filament extruder, but nothing yet extruded. 2nd printer is still in the works after the move.

printer did take a fieldtrip. to TedX, and to Santa Fe STEM event.

Ignite, we made about $320 to teach kids to solder, we are in conversation with a teacher now.

TedX, went well, lots of interest in quelab and 3d printing.

Coworking crawl, Albuquerque TechFiesta Crawl,

John, wants to know what we can scavenge