General Meeting Agenda 2011-09-25


  • Update from the Board
  • Greg's trip to NY Open HW summit and MakerFaire
  • Adric's Photo exhibit

Old business

  • Use of space (cleaning and tools)

New business

  • Create a Quelab passport stamp
  • Haunted lab, progress
    • breaking it into the parts
    • punchlist

Meeting notes: opening meeting 6:18

update from the board meeting, mostly about the funding stuff. Speaking of funding stuff harwood is like less than $50, has space and chairs.

Eric mentions some good press worthy stuff: nonprofit status, doing press releases, haunted lab, try pushing nmbusiness weekly. (gabe has some contacts), perhaps john fleck atabq journal, Eric can help with press release.

Gregs report: “It was awesome!”, “document, document, document” pull it all together and put it out there. makerfare was awesome.. lots of 3d printers.

mentioned the photo show, part of the:

Cleanup Tuesday: during hacknight, old piles will go one way or another.

Stamp is in the works.

Haunted lab: Talk through the plan: Creepy crawlies class adric, on oct 2nd

front room will need a volunteer, for greeting taking money. Front room will have labware and electronics

Door: walter Front room: gabe Dining room: Carpeted room: Workshop: Ray

Basement films or Buring paradise? Lab coats: adric will check savers and spirit