Board Meeting, 09-25-2011


  • Treasurer's report
  • Status of Indiegogo perks

Old business:

  • Paperwork for the “new” Quelab (New Mexico based non-profit)
  • Update on School Factory agreement
  • Online assets evaluation based on the online assets list
  • Job descriptions for officers and board members

New Business

  • Key deposits - how much?
  • Start a general member project to create a hackerspace passport stamp

Meeting notes:
In attendance:
Start Time:

=-=-=-=- Notes: Bandit, Gabe, Ray, Walter, adric in attendance, 5:30

Treasurer notes: Gabe has not yet completed transitioning, we have just about enough to cover until mid November, but need to continue revenue sources ASAP.

define policy of new members: voted to allow first timers to come free, but push them to come back. would like a wall box for payments. Votedand passed

Fundraiser ideas massage persn? (Bandit) Social media promotion workshop? -Gabe

  • gabe has someone whom can present
  • knme kunm spots? fundraisers.

(Geoff arrived 5:45) Grant funding workshop, Abq community foundation -bandit

Gabe will work on the folder of online assets, this week

key deposits : voted in a $5

Gabe designed a stamp, will get it made.

6:01 Greg arrives

Walter mentioned Marlow has a group of 10+ people to show up for a meeting during coworking days. love to see the 3d printer.

Bandit, wanting to talk to lawyers nearby about sponsorships. we all agreed.

Board description, constant public face, and provide focus and direction, as a steering committee,

More effort to communicate to members, that they can address anything with any of us.


Meeting closes 6:15

meeting closed at

print the bags tonight. and we will mail this week?