September Meeting Agenda:

NOTE:All meetings are open to members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date:02 September 2012
Time:4:30-6pm MT


Ground Rules (Posted on the wall)

Ice Breaker (2 questions)

  • Say your name and…
  • What future potential class topic(s) are you interested in attending? …and
  • What future potential class topic(s) would you like to teach? …then go and sign up… j/k… not really… well, maybe a little … B-)

Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report (Geoff, in abstentia)
  • Space Federation (who's report is this?)
  • Ignite-NM 13 (Walter)
  • Task Forces:
    • Membership Taskforce (Geoff)
  • 3-month Calendar Review (Walter) […Wow! we're busy! -gm]
    • 05 Sept- Class: Space Scenes (postponed)
      • Screenprinting
    • 08 Sept- TEDxABQ
    • 12 Sept- Class: Long-Exposure Pinhole Cameras (Adric)
    • 19 Sept- Weekday Literati Classes: Oil Changes (Geoff)
    • 23 Sept- ABQ Mini-maker Faire
    • 30 Sept- Screenprinting
    • xx Sept- Monthly Members' activity (Walter's Science experiment)
    • 06 Oct - Booth at Balloon Fiesta
    • xx Oct - Haunted Laboratory workshops
      • 10 Oct - Class: Halloween Solar Jars (Addie)
    • xx Oct - Monthly Members' activity
    • xx Nov - Techmas crafting “openhouse”(?) or workshops(?)
    • xx Nov - Monthly Members' activity

NOTE: Class Opening on 3 Oct

Old business:

  • Upcoming Event Planning
    • Booth at TEDxABQ (8 September)
      • Who's manning it (2 people? shifts?)
      • What projects/display stuff?
      • What handouts/fliers?
    • Mini-Maker Faire and (23 September)
      • Tentative Floorplan for Tent (tables/electricity/internet)
      • Assign space to projects/displays
    • Booth at Balloon Fiesta (6 October?)
      • Who's manning it (# people? # shifts?)
      • What projects/display stuff?
      • What handouts/fliers?
  • Members project: Quelab Signage (Show and Tell)

New Business

  • New Task force: Search committee for new Quelab digs! (Greg)

Meeting Notes:

Meeting started at 4:58pm Walter, Ray, Bandit, Morgan, Alfred, Charel, Adric, Aaron and Betsy in attendance

Walter, wants to teach magical fruit, (likes the space scenes class), Ray wants to intro people to 3d printing, pic class. Morgain, advance linux (recovery issues stuff), alfred (3d print club?) Jewery out of computer parts(his GF). Bandit 2 channel rc car arduino swarm bots. Charel would like to teach shamonic mask making, drum making, gord stuff, event/con promoter support groups? Adric locksmithing, and pinhole classes coming up, aaron would love photoresist silk screening, freeform robot session beem bot/solar engine, arduino class perhaps beginning and advanced.

Nobody in attandance was on the call nexzt space federation one will be the 19th,

Ignite was good, ignite will next be in february and quelab will be the sponsored peoples, need possible venues, kosmos? wool warehouse.

membership taskforce,

use the forums or direct mail to geoff,

Calendar review:

Screen printing wednesday and a bigger one on the 30th

members activity monthly? walter wants to do some taste hacking for next one.

October workshops, haunted lab, solar jars Halloween theme, perhaps masks, led pumpkinn kits (like last year)

November is kinda wide open

December Techmas? perhaps more targeted type workshop events (perhaps that recycled art stuff of Alfred's Girlfriend)

Maker Faire, 30×70 booth, we are going to share with a few others. 4 6“tables 3solder stations per table, 25×30 for others to play with

make a list of materials for charel, (throwies), 5000 certificates for free ebooks!!!! but we can get other books(from maker shed) so we need to come up with a list for our library. (10 titles or more, adric will email member list to come up with the list) (fill the gaps of make magazine)

Tedex, whos going to man it, may only have 2 non transferable tickets.. which is pretty cruddy if the folks cant get spelled off,.

Membership stuff, we asked if 2 membership plans are atleast ok, group memberships, individual memberships, and the $25 punch cards. addie has been voluntold to walter to try to get these done.

Balloon fiesta, geoff has his idea of fire hot air balloons, (Morgan says fire may be right out) may be able to use hot air gun? Throwies (and pin based throwies, pre made previus hacknight) When do we want folks to be there? (bandit can bring people and things in), (part of the day, Aaron, Charel, Walter, bandit… Geoff?

September 15th State fair table…. Anybody? Anybody? Adric will email out to the members list to see if we can get folks for this.

meeting closed at 6:28pm