Last meeting recap.

  • How to split up the space? Hackers in back, Coworking in most of the rest, conference room and office for rent..
  • nominate boardmembers,
    • Gabe prez/bookkeeper (for now)
    • Adric Secretary
  • nonprofit, llc now, 501c3? Umbrella? Who know who?
  • reciprocal memberships, setup meeting with SFcomplex/fablab and other local/national projects.
  • Move in/hackweekend/grand opening planning. (now moot)


  • Problems? Resolution discussion.
  • Memberships
  • Articles/Bylaws
  • profit/non profit, 501c3 501c6, umbrella, other? Who knows, Who knows who and how?
  • funding/Sponsorships
  • Reciprocal memberships?
  • events
  • Standardized hours?
  • Occupancy detection
  • Needed stuff
    • Chairs, Conference room table… see our needslist
  • Where to go from here?
  • Getting the word out.
  • Revisiting what it is you want out of quelab!

Notes: status, llc now, do we want this? shares, pre auth more than we need so people can buy from time to time. members can vote before someone tries to bu in and take over, and structure,

501c6, or llc, ok whichever is better for cost.

liability insurance lease states its needed, wavers, (guest wavers). signage, price it out, and get some

craigslist, angies list, need a website revamp first, with contact info, lower the bar for entry

Reciprocal memberships: fablab class for members

Branding: possible Q stencil logos,