August Community Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share.

Date: 03 August 2014


4:30 pm Pot Luck!
4:55 pm Appreciation
5:00 pm Meeting:

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Ground Rules
  3. Reports (5 minutes max)
  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Board Report (Charel)

Old and New Business

  • Electrical Quote (John M./Ray/Adric)
  • Upcoming Events: (Charel)
    • Our Birthday Celebration! August 12 Hacknight
    • Maker Day at the Railyard Market August 17
    • Tech Fiesta:
      • Ignite 15 September 10 @ Quelab
      • Mini Maker Faire September 13-14
    • Columns in the Core (Charel)
  • Bday and greeting for new Quelab member (Jezzeri)

Notes: Meeting called to start 5:03pm

Charel opened the meeting, 14 people in attendance, (Walter, Geoff and Addie are not in attendance. Ground Rules were read:

Treasurer report(Geoff) I'm going to be missing another meeting again, it seems. But in advance of that, here's the financial report for August 2014.

We have $4,730.77 in the bank as of 31 July, but this is before $3,135.00 of liabilities come due on 1 August (Liability Insurance, Rent).

This leaves us with $1,879.55 by the meeting, and $112.34 held in trust for the 3D Printer Club. It has been proposed (and I agree) that a similar trust fund should be set up for the Laser Cutter. Currently, the 3D Printer is charging for filament at 20c/oz. The suggestion is to ask for a donation of a $1/hr on the laser

Our one-off revenues this month were $7 from can recycling, $100 from classes, $134 in associate program revenue (Sparkfun and Amazon), and $150 from the birthday party. I endeavor this coming month to identify more clearly the amount we're making off of the sodas, but it's nearly break-even.

Discounting these sources of one-off revenue, we're about 84% funded month-to-month, with 44 members and 8 associates. This means we are merely $300 short every month to cover all our expenses from memberships alone.. seven full memberships away from the black! I would like to challenge the membership to collectively find twenty more members in the next six months, only three full members a month.

Board Report: inclusivity/anti harassment plan, board is looking at switching credit unions to one that understands what we do. possible future plasma demo, ignite 15 is upcoming

Welcome 2 more officers, Charel Morris is our new president, And Sherie is our new Fiber/craft Foreman!

Membership on boarding. School factory, suggested a skill tree, and a wall of trees(physical paper for all members)

Also Brought up the plan to monthly change the door code, with a person with a current member roster who can be contacted.

  1. sugested texting people the code?

Power Update: John Murray brought us up to speed on the power situation in the shop Darren says he has some parts and possible to contribute towards the power upgrade. Thanks Matt for the #10 4 conductor wire. and it progress…

UPCOMING EVENTS This upcoming Tuesday - Quelab’s birthday 8-17 - Railyard market Maker Day “Making S.T.E.A.M.” we get the kids area, the live area, could use 3d printers, maybe CNC is possible. Eric suggested posters - in at 7 a.m. on Sunday morning Things that show off what Quelab is. Maybe the Lego Guys? We could use donation of equipment for a pick-apart area

Tech Fiesta on 9-5 (Thu) Saturday is TedX Tuesday - official opening of levitated toys Wednesday - IgniteNM @ Quelab Then MakerFaire that weekend - volunteer opportunities for MakerFaire, for running Artemis, MMF is meeting at Quelab on Wednesdays, so you can help now, as well as the weekend of MMF

Calendar for tech Fiesta

JT points out that he wants to help the Artemis rig at Makerfaire, (Warthog’s) and may start helping build a demo rig.

Membership Report, 54, 45 full and some family memberships.

Discussion on the columns in The Core Gonner suggested: we have folks make a core room layout, Call for proposals on the pillar removal suggestions. submit or with those

Happy Birthday to Peter (one of our newest members):

JT: maintenance, suggests folks talk to him about helping keep the place clean and maintained.

Meeting closes with Cake! 5:54pm