July Meeting Agenda:

NOTE:All meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date:01 July 2012
Time:4:30-6:00 p.m. MST


Ground Rules ()

Ice Breaker

Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • School Factory Conference Call (none this month?)
  • Task Forces
    • Sponsored Membership contest (Adric)
    • ABQ Maker Faire (Charel)
    • Lab Canteen (Ray)
  • Space Balloon project (Greg)
  • [new]Calendar review (Addie/Walter)?
  • Proposal by Stef Chakerian (360 degree walkthrough for google)

Old business:

  • Insurance update (Geoff)
  • Hackaday Hackerspace Showcase (We need to make a video!)
  • Things that go BOOM, June ()
  • Recap of ACE (All)

New Business

  • Board membership discussion, (including presidential duties)
  • Membership communication methods
  • Monthly Themes:
    • July – DECISION
    • Aug – DECISION
    • Sep – Discussion
    • Oct – discussion [-gm, where is our list of unused themes so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel at each monthly meeting?!]


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Meeting started at 4:40 Adric, Geoff, bandit on skype, ray, morgan, alfred, greg, walter, dekota, joeseph(costumes and props), scruffy(mike).

icebreaker what do you hack.

tressurer report, we are at 21 members, down one up 2 for net of 1. liability insurance goes into effect on the 6th of the month.

need to extend invatation and setup event for james to attend next meeting via skype/call in, geoff will arrange it.

pleanning for sponsored project, Addie and Adric will have a meeting within 2 weeks.

Maker faire, 1st meeting was good, we have a project manager. rockets may get launched. logistics are in works. weekly meetings on thursday.

Lab canteen ideas, needs some more organizing. not much else.

Balloon project, chile seeds and parachute, needs a payload. helium is expensive but we are smaller than addler. we have one tracking antenna,

Calendar review of upcoming.

August, practice and project space for maker faire prep. july project bbq potluck. with a “chill abq” theme ice cream and cold stuff.

Communications Officer Position called to be filled by Addie, called by Ray, 6 available members all voted yay, Arron is not here. motion passes! this is not a board level position. but coudl be filled by a board member if needed

Greg's Deployment. What do we do when/if he gets sent away in August.

Discussions about what board does: Board handles funds, board does the schlock jobs, we have not made the member rolls well known. More involvement of the membership would be good fur future defining of this roll.

Try recognizing peoples skills, and trying to get them involved in the tasks that need happening.. and officially recognize it.

we need to make sure we dont burn members/board out.

More options..

  • everyone is a board member. open up agenda to all members. *Tasks as a sort of helpdesk ticket type system.(with intensives!) opening up the calendar for all members. (and add more to the member guide). Student discounts(another topic in its self), (Bandit) encourage members to do things for the space, not for themselves. talk to members as to why they are here, why those who have left leave, and can we get members involved in bringing in more members. .

How to open up the forums and calendar more. move to facebook more??

1 week to decide, the form of the board. 7/8/12 board meeting.

Ray needs some help put together a quelab video, Brian and Wookie were brought up, Stephan might be able to see whats up.

Monthly themes.July cool the lab, bbq.

Stefan's proposal. To shoot street view like tours of places pages. (dress it up first). lots of action and activity. Proposed life time membership. (monthly theme to shoot an awesome place). awaiting our word. *issues are due to the fact we may well move.

Kempers Space: 7/8/2012 re look at the space. $1000 short term lease. (walter will set up)

6:31 we touched on all items..