June Meeting Agenda:

NOTE:All meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged!
Date:03 June 2012


Ground Rules ()

Ice Breaker

Agenda Review:


  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • School Factory Conference Call in May (?) [-gm Was there a meeting in May?]
  • Review of ABQ Hack (May 11-13)
  • Greg's visit to the Dallas Makerspace (w pics)
  • Update from the new Space Balloon team (Greg, Charel, Juli, Alfred, Ray, Wookie?)
  • Update on Arduino workshops (Aaron)
  • Task Forces
    • Sponsored Membership contest (Adric)
    • ABQ Maker Faire (Charel)
    • Lab Canteen (Ray)
    • Space Organization (Geoff)

Old business:

  • Marketing discussion (Addie): [-gm I dont think Addie is going to be at the meeting]
    • Official Duties of the Quelab “Communication Officer”(?)
  • Things that go BOOM (June) planning review
  • July – Theme DECISION
  • Aug – Theme DECISION
  • Sep – Theme Discussion
  • Hackaday Hackerspace Showcase (We need to make a video!)
  • Insurance update (Geoff)

New Business

  • Board of Directors
    • member election, and
    • officer appointment(?)
    • [-gm the process by which we conduct these changes should be documented]
  • Room Sub-lease (Walter)
  • Administer/update the new unsolicited website (http://www.eworky.com/coworking-space/2252/quelab)
  • Consider a switch of Web hosting provider to Rackspace via School Factory
  • Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE) participation
  • Discuss holding a monthly meeting with each of the other members of the Space Federation


Meeting notes:
Started: % 4:50

In Attendance: % arron, ray, adric, greg, alfred, charel and bandit in attendance.

Notes were lost due to a browser issue, so re doing.

ice breaker, cool quelab thing, members, chocolate rocket, excitedkids and parents, 3d printers, electronics bench

geoffs notes will be moved in, from email later

Maker faire, intel may sponsor electronics, makeys may be demoed,

Maintenance, Geoff decide if we need caroline or we can fix our froncooler water supply (needs to bypass copper tube, with plastic and a tee)

(caroline came in and sweeped and weeded, thank her when you see her.

Arduino update, perhaps $75 for 2 nights, maybe 2 levels of one night classes, perhaps push for a event after maker faire and the balloon fiesta.

Things that go boom, sunday the 1st? we need to know who of the members who have projects and can they do it? yes its after pride, nobody in attendance thought it was a problem.

July event ideas, hackathon, bbq with beer, things that go fizz. Arduino class.

21st bbq event. was tentively decided,.

August theme, maker faire prep, people can apply up to mid july.

Topic Of ACE!

  • thursday pre setup, 10am-midnight
  • Friday, Ray, Charel, and Alfred,
    • 2-8pm,
      • setup, alfred, ray…?
  • Saturday, Adric, and Arron, Alfred, ray
    • 10 -7pm
  • Sunday, ????
    • 10-6pm
      • teardown?

Signup sheet for ace is on the bathroom door.

Need ACE contact info ASAP!!! we need the rundown of what we need.

  • 3d printers
  • arduino (pov)
  • rays torso
  • picture frame.
  • glow screen and purple laser?

Next meeting, july 1st