June General Business Meeting Agenda:

NOTE: All general business meetings are open to Quelab members and members of the public. Attendance is encouraged! Please bring a potluck item to share. Date: 02 June 2013 Time:

  • 4:30 pm Pot Luck Social
  • 4:55 pm 5 min of fame (Dakota)
  • 5:00 pm General Business Meeting:

1. Agenda Review 2. Ground Rules 3. Old and New Business (18 minutes max)

  • ACE Booth - What will we show off? VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (Betsy)
  • New Location (Walter)
  • QueLab Summer Fellowship (Dakota/Walter)
  • Captain Quelab: Initial implementation comments, feedback, questions (Ray)
  • Albuquerque Tech League/Tech Fiesta (Walter)

4. Reports (5 minutes max)

  • Treasurer's report (Geoff)
  • Packet Party (Jeremy)
  • Yard Sale (Adric)
  • Review of May Space Fed Conference Call (?)
  • 3D Printing (Alfred)

Meeting opened with 5 minutes of fame, Dakota Nelson's Quad rotor project.

Starting at 5:00pm reading the Agenda

Board: Walter, Adric, Bandit, Aaron, Ray (Geoff and Greg absent). Members/

Artemis report, on schedule but no real spare time, its coming together needs some more people for the Artemis building,

ace Table, Alfred is bringing the generator, and bandit is bringing the bots, Morgan is bringing the terminal, sumo bot examples, Throwies, 3d printers, MakerFaire stuff business cards flyers, friends of cards, shirts, MakerFaire stuff, Banners, Signs, O'Reiley book coupons

(how many passes do we get?)

  • signup sheets,
    • for people to teach classes
    • for workshops we come up with
    • for our mail list
    • for memberships

New Location: In negotiation phase for 2 spaces, 2424 Menaul, and the other at Space is at 7th and Haines.

Menaul location pluses: nice curb appeal, good street view, price wise is a pretty scary:

Haines: huge and spacious, but a little off the beaten path. little sketchy location wise

Tomorrow Charel is going to be getting the negotiation prices from both places. Goal is to match our current affordable, with the possible of bumping up to a bit larger.

  • improvement ideas
    • lighting and light poles, Back yard lighting, Wall lighting,
    • We have a google doc of our desires for it to be negotiated with, we have up to the beginning of next week to fill it out.

Haines is the most HackerSpace-like place, its rough on the edges, ready to be hacked.

Charel is looking at another possible place downtown at first plaza, super un firmed no real details.

Interns, walter has raised money for 3 of them,

  • student interns
    • tasks
    • cleanup, captian quelab, major returnable type thing (working on larger project), inventorying things, monitoring labstock, responding to emails or phone calls. outreach, summer maker camp, pr, psa's, press kit, scheduling classes

Captian Quelab: Ray reports: CC makes sure everyone is signed in, collects hacknight fees, and is on watch for basic safety/info concerns. we need more volunteers. Perhaps a on wall signup sheet, alfred will update

Need a single sheet info posted for members responsibility,

Abq tech league/ Tech Fiesta: Citty wide focus on tech stuff: Early September: not sure how quelab is going to be part of this. Possibly opening up for a Hacknight, or a workshop, Ignite? If they have a budget, a talk on hackerspaces and how to do it in your community, (skype or bring in James from Space fed)

Reports: Treasurer report missing :geoff not here no email

Packet Party:

Yard sale: $239 profit, and some stuff was cleaned out!

3d printer club: Alfred got the first printer up and running!! We are going to build an Extruder. And we will work on reselling it.

MakerFaire: looks like we are swinging towards the Makey Makey and scratch.

Meeting ended at 6:35pm